Cat Gives Indoor Life a Try After Living Outside Most of His Life, Turns Out It’s the Best Thing Ever

A cat gave indoor life a try after living outside for most of his life. It turned out to be the best thing ever.

feral cat tabby

Big BernRonnie @bkronniecats

Ronnie (@bkronniecats), an animal rescuer from Brooklyn, NY, cares for many community cats in the area, getting them off the streets one cat at a time.

A few years ago, he came across a tabby cat and lovingly named him, Big Bern. Over time, the tabby grew more comfortable around Ronnie and allowed him to admire him from a distance.

The street life wasn’t easy for Big Bern, and he had to fend for himself every day while braving the elements.

feral tabby cat

Ronnie @bkronniecats

When Ronnie had an inkling that Big Bern might be friendly, he set out a plan to give him the comfy, secure life that he deserved.

It was not an easy task to rescue Big Bern, but Ronnie did it and had the kitty safely indoors at last. Big Bern was understandably terrified and unhappy with the change, but after getting some time to decompress, things began to shift.

feral cat tabby big bern

He lived on the streets for most of his lifeRonnie @bkronniecats

Despite still being very scared, Big Bern warmed up to petting fairly quickly. All the chin scritches and belly rubs relaxed his face for the first time.

Big Bern eagerly wanted to be loved, but he was too afraid to ask for it.

tabby cat indoors

Big Bern was rescuedRonnie @bkronniecats

With time, the tabby cat made good strides but would need a long-term foster home where he could continue his progress. PuppyKittyNYCity, an animal rescue in NYC, welcomed him into their care.

“He lived on the street most of his life. He’s super sweet, but definitely shy at first,” Meagan of PuppyKittyNYCity shared with Love Meow.

cat belly rubs

He discovered his love for belly rubsRonnie @bkronniecats

Big Bern’s foster mom soon discovered that the tabby boy had two things that he couldn’t resist.

Whenever Big Bern spots a feather toy, he will hunt it down with all his might. Every night, he waits by the bed, getting ready for his nightly feather toy chase.

happy playful cat

Big Bern also loves to playPuppyKittyNYCity

As much as he loves to play, he adores petting even more.

For a while, Big Bern preferred being petted from the safety of his refuge under the bed, and would reward his foster mom with loud purrs, making biscuits, and even a little drool.

tabby cat under bed

For a while, he would go under the bed (safety zone) for belly rubsPuppyKittyNYCity

Big Bern has quite the engine on him, and his purrs reverberate throughout the room. He is also very punctual when it comes to meal time, and will patiently wait for his dinner to be served.

Over the last few months, Big Bern has hit a few milestones and is coming out of his shell beautifully.

playful chunky cat big bern


Now, he likes to hop on his favorite chair and ask for chin and face scritches. He is obsessed with belly and back rubs, and they turn him into mush every single time.

snuggly tabby cat, big bern cat

Now, he will happily be on his favorite chair to enjoy all the pettingPuppyKittyNYCity

Big Bern has transformed into a giant love-bug, and is running the place like a true king that he ought to be.

tabby cat big bern

He is living like a kingPuppyKittyNYCity

“He deserves a home that will be patient with him and willing to stretch into his hiding spot to give him love. We’re determined to give this bug-eyed, chunky kitty the best forever home.”

tabby cat mirror


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