Cat Found in a Box on a Stoop Starts to Shine When a Couple Takes a Chance and Changes His Life

A cat who was found in a box on a stoop, started to shine when a couple took a chance on him and changed his life.

tabby cat cross eyed

Bubbles (formerly Bofus)@bubbyboycat

A tabby cat was found abandoned in a large cardboard box left on a neighbor’s stoop. He was cowering inside, trying to tuck himself into a ball to appear as small as possible.

The finder took him in and reached out to their local animal rescue, Bushwick Street Cats, for help. “He was petrified when we got him. It’s probably why he didn’t jump out of the box and run. Some cats just freeze,” Bushwick Street Cats told Love Meow.

The rescue named the cross-eyed tabby Bofus, who was estimated to be one year old.

cat abandoned in box

He was found abandoned in a box left on a neighbor’s stoopBushwick Street Cats

They got him neutered and vetted, and were determined to find him a wonderful home that would cherish him for life. “We brought him to our adoption event, and he was mostly shut down.”

Bofus looked around warily and stayed in one spot the whole time. But things started to look up for him when a couple took a shine on him.

shy cat carrier bubbles

He was very timid after being rescuedBushwick Street Cats

Clare (@clarekimart) and her partner Jack were at the adoption event, swooning over all the eligible kitties. It didn’t take long for them to notice a shy cat huddled quietly in the corner of his kennel.

“Many of the cats there were very playful and inviting, but we noticed that (Bofus) seemed extremely nervous – he was all the way in the back of the cage shivering,” Clare shared with Love Meow.

cross eyed cat bubbles

Bushwick Street Cats

The tabby was so afraid that he barely moved, but something about Bofus just felt right for the couple. They knew that beneath his shy exterior, lay a sweet cat eager to be loved.

“We fell in love with him and wanted to give him the safe and loving home that he deserves.”

happy content cat

Soon after Bubbles arrived at his forever home, he started cuddling@bubbyboycat

Bofus, renamed Bubbles, left the adoption event and headed his way to his new abode. Shortly after arriving, Bubbles stood with a much more confident posture.

He was walking around with his tail held high, and the fear in his eyes completely vanished. “I think he realized that he was safe after only about 30 minutes of being dropped off at our home.”

sweet cross eyed cat bubbles


“We thought he would take hours, maybe even days to feel safe once he was with us, but we were surprised that he warmed up to us so quickly,” Clare told Love Meow.

“In no time, that terrified cat that we met just one day before turned into the sweetest and cuddliest boy.”

snuggly cross eyed lap cat

Bubbles is now a professional cuddler@bubbyboycat

Bubbles felt so comfortable with the couple, as if he had always been part of the family. He would curl up in their arms, jump on their lap, and follow them around like their little shadow.

A few days later, the couple introduced Bubbles to Smokey, their other resident cat. The two quickly hit it off and became fast friends.

cross eyed cat friend

Bubbles and his new best friend Smokey@bubbyboycat

“Bubbles is very sweet, cuddly, and playful. He loves to chase his feather toy around, watch the birds outside (and on TV), and most of all, eat treats. He also is the biggest cuddler especially in the early morning.”

cat cross eyed looking bubbles


Bubbles’ life was forever changed in the span of a few days.

He now spends ample time with his humans, lounging about with his eyes closed so contently, living the life he’s always dreamed of.

content peaceful cat bubbles


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