Cat Finds Someone to Help Him After Years on the Street, His Eyes Light Up and He Blooms into True King

A cat found someone to help him after years on the street. His eyes lit up, and he bloomed into a true king.

fluffy orange cat

Briol the cat@comrescuemontreal

An orange cat had been wandering around a neighborhood for at least two years, but no one came to claim him. A kind neighbor noticed the cat one day, and set out a plan to help him.

With food and patience, the stray began to approach them. At one point, he was comfortable enough to allow them to pet him. The family built a cat house and provided food every day to keep him warm and fed.

Just when they thought they had earned his trust, the cat disappeared for a while. When he returned, he looked disheveled and was limping on one leg.

street cat rescued

He was rescued after years roaming the streets@comrescuemontreal

They noticed clumps of matted fur on his coat and that he was fearful and wouldn’t let anyone get close.

The family decided to rescue him with a humane trap, and reached out to their local animal rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, for help.

shy stray cat


“They got him to safety and even paid for his first vet care. We named him Briol, and his days on the streets were officially over,” Celine Crom of the rescue shared.

“Briol didn’t have a microchip. He looked so exhausted as if he had given up his fight. One of his hind legs had a bite wound and an abscess in it. It needed to be cleaned and treated.”

stray cat shy sad

He was tired and withdrawn at first@comrescuemontreal

They removed all the knots from his coat and cleaned him up the best they could. After a long day, Briol settled in his recovery kennel, looking rather glum. “He seemed a bit withdrawn and stayed in the litter box the whole time.”

A volunteer came to give him some head scritches, and he slowly sat up as the petting washed over him.

cat rescued vet


Briol was transported to a foster home where he could continue his healing process. After a few days of adjusting, he slowly came out of his shell.

When he decided to trust, he started to purr.

fluffy orange cat briol

After a few days in foster care, he started to come out of his shell@comrescuemontreal

His friendly, sweet-natured temperament returned, and he began following his people around the house, staying by their side at all times.

“His leg healed up nicely and his fur grew back in full. Every night at the same time, he would talk to his humans as if to tell them it’s time for bed.”

cat fluffy orange

He enjoys sleeping on the same bed as his humans@comrescuemontreal

Briol befriended a few foster kittens and became their mentor, showing them the ropes and helping them navigate indoor life.

With a loving home, Briol blossomed into an attention-seeker and a fluffy cuddle-bug. He was vocal and never shy of voicing his “opinions”.

orange cat kittens playful

Briol befriended a few foster kittens@comrescuemontreal

“Whenever we talk to him, it’s a full-on conversation. He can coo for a long time.”

Despite having many cat beds available, Briol prefers napping on a warm lap or next to his people on their bed.

fluffy orange cat

He has blossomed into a talker and an attention-seeker@comrescuemontreal

“He is loving his new life without a care in the world. He and his foster family really bonded, and they decided to make him a permanent part of the family.”

happy fluffy orange cat

Briol was adopted by his foster family@comrescuemontreal

“Briol was lucky to have been rescued from the middle of the winter.” Now, he has a kingdom of his own and people to talk to and keep him company. He is living like a true king.

orange tabby cat

He is living life like a king@comrescuemontreal

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