Cat Comes Knocking on Someone’s Door and Ready to Be Picked Up, He’s Turned into Big Mushy Hugger

A cat came knocking on someone’s door and was ready to be picked up. He’s turned into a big mushy hugger.

gentle giant cat

Horchata the catBoomers Buddies Rescue

A cat showed up outside a home in Highland Park, CA, where the family had been caring for another outdoor kitty. He appeared to have some old wounds but was very sweet from the get-go.

The cat eventually settled under their deck. Right before Christmas, he came knocking on the door, and Carla Robinson who was pet-sitting for the family, noticed new injuries on him.

A few days later, he looked in worse shape and needed medical attention. Carla along with another rescuer, Claudia, sprang into action.

stray cat

He showed up outside a home and started living under the deckCarla

“Another rescuer and myself made the call to get him off the street,” Carla told Love Meow.

When they approached the cat, he was right outside as if he was waiting to be helped and leave the outdoors once and for all. “I just picked him up and put him right into a carrier.”

stray cat horchata

He came knocking on the door for food and attentionCarla

The cat was lovingly named Horchata and he needed a foster home. Boomer’s Buddies Rescue (based in Los Angeles) stepped up to help, and their volunteer Catherine welcomed him into her care with open arms.

After exploring around his new space, Horchata felt right at home and was immediately eager for attention.

stray cat asking attention


“Within an hour, he was snuggling on the chest of his foster mom, and he’s been getting sweeter every day.”

Based on the scars and the rough exterior, Horchata has likely braved the outdoors for a long time. He came in a large frame and had a huge desire to be adored.

cuddly cat horchata

Within an hour after moving into his foster home, he turned into a snuggle-bugBoomers Buddies Rescue

“He is a big gentle giant, cross-eyed Siamese boy, who is a little beat up from living on the streets and fighting for resources,” Boomers Buddies Rescue wrote.

Horchata tested positive for FIV, and was treated for wounds, fleas, and worms. Despite it all, he was always in good spirits and content to finally have a roof over his head. He began his healing in the comfort and warmth of his new abode.

happy stray cat

He is over the moon whenever he is petted and loved onCarla

Nothing makes him happier than being with his people. Horchata is a giant ball of love and has so much affection to give. He will turn into mush whenever he is petted.

He is never far from his foster mom so he can jump on her lap for a cuddle whenever he wants.

sweet chubby cat

Horchata is never far from his people and always ready to be cuddledBoomers Buddies Rescue

“Horchata is a very friendly cat, and very comfortable with people. He loves to be petted, and his foster mom reports he loves being carried around like a baby,” Carla shared with Love Meow.

The big “teddy bear” was starved of love and is making up for it by snuggling up a storm. He will activate those kneady paws whenever he finds a blanket to lay his toe beans on. He will gladly offer himself to warm any empty lap.

snuggly cat horchata

Nothing makes him happier than being cuddled and adoredBoomers Buddies Rescue

Horchata has a content, relaxed look on his face as if he is about to doze off. He is always ready to be picked up and cradled. When he is held, he will nuzzle or melt into his people and relish every moment with them.

The sweet boy likes to follow his foster mom around and is constantly on standby for cuddles.

content cat horchata

Boomers Buddies Rescue

No more scrounging around for food or fending for himself, Horchata is reveling in his new purr-filed life and soaking up all the love from everyone around him.

sleeping cat horchata

Boomers Buddies Rescue

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