Cat Comes Home with Kind Person, Within 24 Hours, They Find Kittens Under Their Bed

A cat came home with a kind person. Within 24 hours, they found kittens under their bed.

cat mom nursing kittens

Bella the cat and her kittensAlyssa @adoptablesnyc

About two months ago, Damaris from NYC came across a cat at a bodega, needing help. The cat was let outside the store and seen wandering near busy traffic.

The rotund cat was initially thought to be a boy, but Damaris noticed that the cat was female and likely pregnant. She reached out to Alyssa who volunteers for PuppyKittyNYCity Rescue, for help.

Damaris went back to the store, and the owner agreed to surrender the cat to a rescue that could help the whole family.

cat snuggling

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

While PuppyKittyNYCity offered to provide resources, Alyssa would have a space opened up to foster in a few days. Damaris volunteered to pick up the cat and host her for the time being.

The cat named Bella came home with Damaris that day and was given a safe haven and plenty of comfort. She quickly became very affectionate toward her rescuer.

cat mom bella kittens

She gave birth to a litter of five within 24 hours after the rescueAlyssa @adoptablesnyc

Within 24 hours, Damaris was surprised to find Bella nestled under her daughter’s bed, and she wasn’t alone. In less than one day after the rescue, Bella went into labor and gave birth to a litter of five.

Damaris noticed that one of the kittens was in distress and sprang into action. Despite having no experience with newborn kittens, she learned on the spot by searching for information online, and assisted Mama Bella to ensure all the babies were well cared for.

sweet cat mom kittens bella

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

Bella was so relieved to get some help as she lay down on her side to nurse all five hungry mouths. Because of the timely rescue, the kittens were able to escape the fate of being born in an unsafe place.

Alyssa welcomed the family of six into her care a few days later. She set up a kitten nursery and provided a bountiful supply of food for Bella.

kittens cat mama

Bella is happy to get some help for her babiesAlyssa @adoptablesnyc

“I watched her care for her newborns around the clock – grooming them, chirping to them. She’s been like that ever since,” Alyssa told Love Meow. “We’re are so lucky she and all her babies made it.”

When one of the kittens fell behind in weight, Alyssa stepped in to provide supplemental feedings while giving Bella some relief and support.

kitten supplmental feeding

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

“She trusted me when I stepped in to help and soon thereafter, she started playing, and the babies were back on track with weight.”

Bella gives her kittens undivided attention and makes sure that they have full bellies and are kept immaculately clean.

cat grooms kitten

Bella is a wonderful mother to her demanding fiveAlyssa @adoptablesnyc

She doesn’t mind being wrestled or climbed all over by her littles, and continues doting on them every step of the way.

“She sings to them all day long, gathers them to nurse them and is always checking up on them,” Alyssa added. “She’s always ready to stop, drop and nurse them anywhere.”

cat mom nursing kittens

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

The kittens are getting big, strong and very playful. They keep their mama on her toes and hone their feline skills by imitating her moves.

“They love to play with her ears and tail, and she puts up with it all. She’s one of a kind.”

cat mom nursing kittens, bella cat

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

Bella adores affection from people and has a lot to say. When she plays with toys, her inner-kitten comes out.

“I encourage more people to foster because it’s so rewarding. PuppyKittyNYCity Rescue could use more foster volunteers right now with winter coming,” Alyssa shared with Love Meow.

cat mom nursing kittens, bella the cat

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

The boisterous five will be looking for good homes when they are big enough for adoption. Mama Bella already has a loving home awaiting her when she’s done raising her babies.

Her rescuer, Damaris, has fallen in love with the sweet girl, and will be adopting her.

beautiful cat bella

Alyssa @adoptablesnyc

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