Cat Accepts Help from Kind Folks and Finally Moves Indoors, within a Few Days She Has Kittens in Their Room

A cat accepted help from kind folks and finally moved indoors. Within a few days, she had kittens in their room.

cat mom nursing kittens

Calla Lilly the catMary Chromek

Mary Chromek, an animal rescuer at Foster Purrs, noticed a pregnant cat roaming around a cat colony by herself. The cat appeared to be non-feral but was hesitant with strangers.

“She stayed just out of arm’s length from me,” Mary told Love Meow. The clever cat evaded humane traps with bold moves while Mary attempted to rescue her. “She was climbing on top of my live traps instead of going inside. She is a character.”

After sending out flyers inquiring about the cat, no one came to claim her, but Mary got a call from a person who had been feeding the cat.

stray cat outdoors

She was found outside as a pregnant strayMary Chromek

“She is very friendly with the feeder she had gotten to know.” When the feeder showed up to assist, the cat immediately sauntered up to her for attention.

The feeder started petting her by a carrier, and together with Mary, they were able to get the cat safely inside.

stray cat pregnant

Mary Chromek

Mary took the cat home to foster and set up a comfortable space for the expectant mom. “As soon as she was inside, she was relaxed and happy. She loves to make you pet her by head butting your hand.”

The cat named Calla Lilly was pleased with her living arrangements, daily housekeeping service and unlimited food.

happy cat petted

She was so happy to be indoors at lastMary Chromek

Within a few days, she gave birth to seven healthy kittens in a comfy room instead of the outdoors. “I was worried she would be over-protective, but she was happy to let me handle the babies just hours after birth,” Mary shared with Love Meow.

“She is a great mama, but thankfully this will be her last litter. She can finally enjoy being a young cat – as she has had back-to-back litters since she was old enough to reproduce.”

newborn kittens cuddle pile

She gave birth to seven kittens in the comfort of a loving homeMary Chromek

With seven hungry mouths to feed, Calla Lilly was grateful to get some help to keep up with the demands. Amaryllis, the runt of the litter, has been getting supplemental feedings to help her catch up with her siblings.

While she is the smallest, her brother, Geranium, is the biggest of the litter. He is also a mama’s boy who likes to wrap his arms around Mom for extra cuddles.

kitten cat cuddles

Geranium is a mama’s boyMary Chromek

All seven kittens are thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. Calla Lilly is finally putting on some much-needed weight and starting to take a break from her babies every now and then to stretch and replenish.

sweet calico cat

Mary Chromek

The kittens are becoming more curious, playful and explorative. With newfound strength, they are constantly moving, trying to figure out their limbs like a bunch of roly-polies in the nest.

cat mom kittens cuddles

Mary Chromek

With a roof over their heads and a loving human to cater to their needs, Calla Lilly is blossoming with a beautiful personality.

For the first time in her life, she is able to enjoy some me-time and be a cat again, knowing that her kittens are safe.

cat mom nursing kittens

Mary Chromek

With a foster home, these beautiful kittens will never have to spend a day on the street, and their mom will finally be able to live the life she’s always wanted.

sweet cuddly kitten

Mary Chromek

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