Worker Spots a Kitten Alone at Workplace and So Glad She Never Stops Looking for His Littermates

A worker spotted a kitten alone at her workplace. She was so glad that she never stopped looking for his littermates.

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About two months ago, a woman came across a tiny kitten all alone at her workplace. She couldn’t leave him out to fend for himself.

She reached out to an animal shelter but they couldn’t take him, so she contacted Camryn Lauffer, founder of Stray Cat Network (where she had previously adopted from). Camryn dropped everything and rushed to meet her.

The finder looked around the area but couldn’t spot a cat mother or other siblings. Camryn asked her to keep looking as there was a chance that there were still more out there.

kitten orphan outside

He was found alone at a workplace@straycatnetwork

The lone kitten, lovingly named Football, was around four weeks old. He was scared at first, but with a soft blanket and some treats, he warmed up to his people and started purring. Later that day, Camryn noticed “some deficits with his hind legs”.

The finder returned to work the next morning and continued her search for more kittens.

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Two more kittens were found the next day@straycatnetwork

Despite having looked around the previous day, she retraced the location and was stunned to discover two more kittens. Camryn woke up to a text from the finder. “Once again, I ran over to pick them up,” Camryn told Love Meow.

Football immediately cuddled with his littermates, Birdie (orange) and Whiffle (gray), and they were happy to be back together.

kittens bouquet

The three kittens were reunited@straycatnetwork

“They all appeared healthy at intake, but as I’ve learned over the years, looks can be deceiving.” A few days later, Birdie started showing some mild signs of ataxia and lethargy.

After running several tests, they came back positive for panleukopenia (feline distemper). Camryn immediately started isolating and treating them and doing everything she could to save them.

kittens healing cuddles

Through painstaking care, they started to heal@straycatnetwork

“I was trying to stay optimistic but also mentally prepare for the worst.” Camryn set up a camera, so she could monitor them every hour, around the clock.

With the timely rescue, quick action and painstaking care, the kittens began to recuperate. They remained incredibly affectionate throughout their recovery.

trio kittens

They made a full recovery@straycatnetwork

Camryn had to wear gloves and a gown when she handled the kittens, but they didn’t mind that at all, and were just eager for her attention.

“Despite all this, they stayed in good spirits. Miraculously, they all survived.”

sweet kittens cuddling

Football and Whiffle@straycatnetwork

After weeks of healing, the kittens graduated from their recovery kennel and were clear to roam around the place and socialize.

They snuggled up a storm with their foster mom and had all three purr motors running in unison.

talkative kitten cute

Football has a lot to say@straycatnetwork

Football is full of energy and mischief and adores everyone he meets. He plays hard but he cuddles even harder. “Whiffle is always ready to snuggle and loves to fall asleep in my arms.”

Birdie, the clingiest of all, insists on tagging along with her foster mom everywhere she goes.

sweet ginger kittens snuggles

Football and Birdie@straycatnetwork

She will follow her to the bathroom, sit on her shoulder when she eats, and pounce and swipe at the yarn to “help” Camryn crochet.

“Her favorite thing ever is to squeeze herself into the crevice between my side/back and the couch to fall asleep.”

cuddly kittens sleeping


Thanks to the Good Samaritan, the kittens were found just in time to be nursed back to health. Now, they are thriving, cuddling all day, filling the house with their rumbling purrs.

“They’re some of the most affectionate kittens I’ve ever had.”

trio kittens best friends


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