Kitten is Over the Moon to Be Inside, He Gives Everyone He Meets Some ‘Ernie Time’ and Tries to Win Them Over

A street kitten is over the moon to be inside. He gives everyone he meets some “Ernie time” and tries to win them over.

kitten hoodie cuddles

Ernie the kitten@bestfriendsfelines

Early this year, Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, took in a little tabby after he was found wandering outside.

A passer-by spotted the lone stray on the side of the road and dropped him off at a vet clinic for help. When the rescue learned about his plight, they immediately arranged for a foster family for the kitten lovingly named Ernie.

Shortly after arriving in his foster home, Ernie acclimated into the household as if he had always lived there. “Even though he was tiny, that didn’t stop him from getting right into playing,” Best Friends Felines shared.

street kitten safe home

Ernie was found outside wandering the streets@bestfriendsfelines

No one knows exactly how he ended up roaming the outdoors, but Ernie will no longer have to worry about food and shelter. He settled into his new space beautifully, claiming sundry toys, cat posts and enjoying all the treats he could devour.

Most of all, Ernie fell in love with the company of his people and started asking for attention whenever he got a chance.

happy kitten ernie


Due to his time on the streets, Ernie began to show cat flu symptoms but was treated in the nick of time. “He is otherwise healthy and happy but might flare up slightly in times of stress.”

Ernie didn’t let anything slow him down. With great care and plenty of TLC, he bounced back and discovered the joy of being cuddled and the fun of cruising around the house on his foster parents’ shoulders.

shoulder kitten ernie

He loves taking shoulder rides around the house@bestfriendsfelines

Since then, Ernie has been doling out snuggles to every visitor he comes across.

“Every house guest gets some ‘Ernie time’ whenever they visit, as Ernie wants to make sure that everyone can see how friendly and funny he can be,” Best Friends Felines added.

kittens cat posts

Ernie loves his feline friends@bestfriendsfelines

Ernie knows no bounds when it comes to befriending others. He adores people and loves every cat in sight. He plays his heart out with his feline friends, cavorting around the house, plotting all sorts of antics.

Once he tires out, he’ll seek a comfy lap to sit on and fall asleep to the sound of his rumbling purrs.

sweet snuggly cat ernie

After romping around the house, he likes to curl up in his human’s lap@bestfriendsfelines

“He is a little ball of energy who loves to play until he’s too tired to play anymore, at which point he will curl up for a nap, cuddle and purr with his foster parents.”

When he spots someone in the kitchen, he comes running to offer his assistance by leaping onto their shoulders to supervise.

cat shoulder supervise

Ernie offers “help” in the kitchen@bestfriendsfelines

When his human is wearing a hoodie, he’ll happily slip into the “carrier” and ride around in it.

Ernie has a happy-go-lucky spirit and is up for anything. He is a bona-fide attention-seeker who makes sure that every person in the house gets a dose of his love.

cute kitten ernie

Ernie then and now@bestfriendsfelines

The tabby boy has been in foster care for about four months, and every day, he tries to win someone over.

“We have so many wonderful cats that are overlooked because they’re not ‘perfect’. Ernie’s flu status might make him ‘less than perfect’, but to us, he’s perfect just as he is and as equally deserving of a loving home.”

sleeping kitten bed ernie


The sweet tabby continues to greet every visitor that comes through the door, entertain them with his endearing qualities while waiting for his happily ever after.

sweet cat ernie


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