Cat Shows Up in Someone’s Garage and Taken in by Volunteers, Shortly After She Has Kittens in Their Building

A cat showed up in someone’s garage and was taken in by volunteers. Shortly after, she had kittens in their building.

cat mom tabby kitten

Lillian the catCindy Miller and Tina Brink

About two months ago, a resident was stunned to find a stray cat in their garage, seeking shelter and food. The cat appeared to be friendly and pregnant.

The finder reached out to the rescue community for help. Volunteers of The Meow Mission, a TNR group, leapt into action. They were able to bring the cat to safety and took her into their building.

When they later returned to the facility, they walked into quite the surprise.

cat mom hugs kittens

She was found in someone’s garage as a strayThe Meow Mission

The cat, named Lillian, went into labor on Memorial Day and eventually gave birth to a litter of four.

“She was a perfect mom during birth. Her instinct kicked in, and she shifted into mama bear mode,” The Meow Mission shared. “We stayed nearby to keep an eye on her. She definitely appreciated the company.”

cat mother cuddles kittens

Shortly after Lillian arrived at The Meow Mission building, she went into laborThe Meow Mission

A partner rescue, Pet Refuge, took the family of five into their adoption program. Once the kittens were of the appropriate age and weight, they would be spayed and neutered (so would their mom).

Foster volunteers, Cindy Miller and Tina Brink, welcomed them into their home with open arms. Lillian adjusted well to her new space as if she was back in her element.

sweet cat mom, cuddling kittens

She gave birth to a litter of four and was a great mom from the startThe Meow Mission

“On the first day, she checked the room over, looked in all the corners and deemed it a safe place to raise her babies. She seemed to trust us right from the beginning, which was a huge relief,” Cindy shared with Love Meow.

Lillian provided undivided attention and watched over her babies every step of the way. The kittens grew by leaps and bounds and never lacked an ounce of love.

cat hugs kittens

The Meow Mission

She taught them feline skills and made sure that they stayed out of trouble.

One day, Lillian decided to demonstrate to her kittens the proper litter box etiquette. She stepped in a small box and called to her four to come watch and learn.

cat mom kittens tabby

Cindy Miller and Tina Brink

“She gently dug in the litter and then stepped out. One kitten got in and actually peed.” Lillian always checked the litter box after they were done to make sure everything was covered neatly.

She liked to hover over her kittens and even hop on the cat tree to tend to their whims.

cat mom kittens tree

She liked to hover over her kittensCindy Miller and Tina Brink

“The slightest peep or cry would send her running to check on them no matter how much she was enjoying our attention.”

Even after the kittens were weaned, they still nestled up to their mom for comfort-nursing.

kittens nursing on cat

Cindy Miller and Tina Brink

The kittens blossomed into happy, boisterous young cats and started spending more time on their own.

While they zoomed around the house, creating mayhem, Lillian enjoyed peace and quiet and the company of her people, being the center of their attention.

playful tabby kittens

Cindy Miller and Tina Brink

“Lillian’s kittens are fortunate, but most kittens born outdoors are not. There is a real overpopulation crisis across the US coupled with overcrowded shelters everywhere,” The Meow Mission shared.

The four tabby kittens are thriving and ready to find their forever home.

tabby kittens littermates

Cindy Miller and Tina Brink

Today, Lillian is graduating from foster care and being adopted to her new home. She will never have to wander the streets or raise another litter.

She can enjoy just being a cat, playing to her heart’s content, basking in the sun by the window and getting all the attention from her people.

sweet tabby cat lillian

Cindy Miller and Tina Brink

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