Cat Just Skin and Bones Walks Up to People Asking for Help, in a Month She Makes Incredible Transformation

A cat who was just skin and bones, walked up to people asking for help. In just a month, she made an incredible transformation.

tabby ginger cat

Papaya the catPuppy Kitty NY City

Meagan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NY City, was apprised of a scrawny stray cat walking up to people in a parking lot. She was in very bad shape.

With the help of volunteers, the cat was safely brought into the rescue that night. She was extremely emaciated, covered in filth, missing patches of fur and had a severe upper respiratory infection.

Meagan started treating and cleaning the cat named Papaya and gave her some fluids for the night. “Papaya was begging for help. We were the help she was looking for,” Meagan shared.

She was found in a parking lot in very bad shapePuppy Kitty NY City

The next day, Papaya was taken to the vet to be examined (she was also tested for thyroid and ringworm). The tabby was scruffy and skinny but showed a strong will to live. Despite having difficulty breathing, she used every ounce of her strength to eat.

“She was one of the sickest cats I have seen, pouring out mucus. She wouldn’t have survived much longer (outside).”

stray cat rescue

Puppy Kitty NY City

Within three days of great care, good food and comfort, Papaya regained some strength and was able to eat more. She still had a lot of healing to do but was finally on the mend.

Over the next month, Papaya spent the majority of her days in the hospital. Her nose and eyes began to clear up and she could breathe much easier.

stray cat getting help

Puppy Kitty NY City

As she regained her voracious appetite, her energy level soared, and her beautiful personality emerged.

Papaya became very affectionate towards people. Whenever volunteers offered some head scritches, she would melt into their hand and purr up a storm.

stray cat blossoming

She made a full recovery and became very affectionate towards peoplePuppy Kitty NY City

The transformation in one month was stunning. Not only did Papaya put on lots of healthy weight, but also her fur grew back in a gorgeous cinnamon color which made her even more striking.

“Now she is showing off how truly beautiful she is. She may be the sweetest cat. She’s gentle and loves a good snuggle. She loves playing, bird watching and learning new things.”

orange tabby cat papaya

She’s transformed into a stunning catPuppy Kitty NY City

By the end of the month, she made a full recovery and was spayed and ready to find a loving home where she could be the center of attention.

When Papaya arrived in foster care, awaiting her forever home, she decided to wriggle her way into everyone’s heart.

beautiful orange tabby cat

Her fur grew back in a beautiful cinnamon shadePuppy Kitty NY City

Every day Papaya smothered her foster carers with endless snuggles. She liked to be up close and personal with her foster mom, lying on her face or neck as it made her feel safe and loved.

When she cuddled her people, she would stretch her toes, kneading away in bliss.

snuggly cat papaya

She wriggled her way into her foster mom’s heartPuppy Kitty NY City

Papaya would gladly curl up on a warm lap and fall asleep to the rhythm of gentle petting.

“Her foster mom fell in love. We realized this was where she was always supposed to be. They knew they couldn’t give her up, so they made it official.”

snuggly cat happy

Puppy Kitty NY City

Papaya was in rough shape when she was found. Now, she has blossomed into quite the stunner and found the family of her dreams.

beautiful cat papaya

Puppy Kitty NY City

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