Woman Rescues Kitten and Watches Him Transform, the Kitten Ends Up Changing Her Life

A woman rescued a kitten and watched him transform. The kitten ended up changing her life.

tuxedo kitten

Fievel the kittenEmilie @emiliexfosters

Emilie, an animal rescuer and foster carer based in Milwaukee, WI, never expected that a tiny preemie kitten would change her life.

Four months ago, she took in a litter of premature kittens when their feral cat mom had stopped caring for them. Despite her best efforts to save them all, only one feline baby pulled through.

The sole survivor was very small and frail, but he held on with all his might.

preemie kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters

Emilie worked tirelessly to provide round-the-clock intensive care. She ensured that the little one had food in his belly (through tube-feeding) and was kept warm in a cozy incubator.

Whenever she came to feed the kitten, she was surprised by the loud meows coming from that tiny body. “Every time I opened the incubator, there he was screaming for food,” Emilie told Love Meow.

grey silver kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters

After five days of painstaking care, the kitten was strong enough to latch onto a bottle to eat. He was named Fievel after a mouse from An American Tail.

Fievel donned a silver grey coat, a fever coat, with pinkish white mittens on all fours. “The mom likely had a fever or was extremely stressed during her pregnancy. Fever coats do go away leaving just the darker coloring.”

tiny tuxedo kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters

The white pigmentation and the darkening of the roots didn’t happen to Fievel until he was about three weeks old. Despite being a bit behind in development, he forged on to reach many milestones.

As soon as he found his feet, he was ready to hit the ground and explore. Given his condition as a preemie, Fievel was defying every single odd against him.

screaming kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters

When it came time for socialization, he quickly recruited other foster kittens to join in the mischief-making. He’d hop around the house in all directions, as if he had springs on his feet.

Fievel blossomed into a big personality with a fearless attitude. He insisted on teaching the young’uns how to be brave, and zoomed through the house like he owned it.

crab walking kitten, fever coat

Emilie @emiliexfosters

A foster cat named Persephone took Fievel in and started caring for him as her own. She doted on him in ways that she didn’t even do for her own kittens.

“I think she knew he was a bit more fragile than the others,” Emilie shared.

cat mom kittens

Emilie @emiliexfosters

As Fievel grew into a young cat, his tuxedo coloring became more prominent.

At four months old, the once silver grey kitten has transformed into a gorgeous black tuxedo with four white socks and his signature mustache.

silver grey kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters

“I’m still in shock at how different he looks now. He’s really growing into the most dapper of gentleman.”

The beautiful tuxedo boy greets Emilie with his loud purrs, seeks her out if he can’t find her, and comes running every time she calls his name.

handsome tuxedo kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters

“A couple weeks ago, he was supposed to go to my brother (for adoption), but my brother’s cat was just too much for him. Seeing how much he loves my fosters, and how much he helps them sealed the deal,” Emilie told Love Meow.

snuggle puddle dog cats

Fievel snuggling with his resident dog and catEmilie @emiliexfosters

“Fievel was adopted by me. Sometimes, you just can’t let them go, and he’ll be the best ‘big brother’ to so many orphaned kittens. I’m so grateful he came into my life, and that he’s staying with me for good.”

happy cat

Olivia Overturf

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