Shy Kitten Slowly Builds Trust with the Help of a Very Eager Kitten Who is Obsessed with Her

A shy kitten slowly built trust with the help of a very eager kitten who was obsessed with her.

best friends kittens

Sailor and Paulie@ilckenzoo

AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue was contacted about a kitten who had been abandoned in the middle of a busy street.

A Good Samaritan witnessed what happened and rushed to the kitten’s rescue. “The poor kitten completely froze. Thankfully, the Good Samaritan was able to scoop her up and bring her to safety,” AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue shared.

The tabby had road rash on her eyelid, cheek and part of her body. She was so frightened that “all she wanted to do was hide as far under her blankets as she could.”

rescued kitten

Sailor was abandoned in the middle of a busy street and rescued by a Good Samaritan@ilckenzoo

Allison Ilcken, who fosters for the rescue, provided a safe haven for the kitten. She gave her time to decompress and brought plenty of treats to show her that she meant well.

Slowly but surely, the tabby named Sailor started to warm up to her foster mom. She would accept chin scritches in abundance but was hesitant about coming out to play.

sweet kitten safe

Sailor slowly warmed up to her foster mom@ilckenzoo

A couple of days later, the rescue received a request for another singleton who had been found as a stray.

“The finders ended up spending hours clearing out the shrub from around the base of a tree to get him. He quickly warmed up once he felt safe,” Allison shared with Love Meow.

stray kitten cuddles

Paulie was found as a stray, meowing for help@ilckenzoo

The new kitten named Paulie was friendly the minute he stepped paw into his foster home. In no time, he won over everyone with his never-met-a-stranger, fearless attitude.

“Paulie is packed with personality. He is adventurous, lovable and very vocal.”

cuddly fluffy kitten


As Sailor healed, she began to realize that she no longer had to hide. It wasn’t until she met the very outgoing new kitty that she truly started to shine.

Paulie was eager to hang out and play with Sailor from the get-go. He was completely smitten with her and would try to win her over by nudging her.

silly tabby kitten

Paulie has a big personality@ilckenzoo

When Sailor wanted boundaries, he would stay close by so as to keep her company.

Sailor would watch this energetic kitty play and devour food like there was no tomorrow. When Paulie ran out of patience, he’d gently grab his friend, urging her to play, or he’d squeeze in to be next to Sailor.

best friends kittens

Paulie decided that he and Sailor would be family@ilckenzoo

Soon, the two would have meals together, side by side, like two peas in a pod. They began to spend a lot of time together, sharing toys and cat trees, and napping next to one another.

Whenever Allison came in to check on them, Paulie would leap up from his bed and clamor for attention.

tabby kittens snuggly

Best of friends@ilckenzoo

Sailor finally eased into this comfy indoor life with the help of her best friend. She was showing more trust each day. With her newfound confidence, her playful, silly side emerged.

Paulie’s intrepid nature and unbridled energy rubbed off on Sailor, and it made her believe that she could be just as brave.

fluffy tabby kitten

Sailor slowly came out of her shell@ilckenzoo

When it came time for adoption, they knew these two buddies had to stay together.

After about a week of waiting, they landed the perfect home with a wonderful family. Paulie immediately made himself at home and walked around claiming everything he touched.

bonded kittens

She and Paulie share an adorable bond@ilckenzoo

Soon, they started playing with their forever humans and even met their canine buddy, Koda.

Paulie and Sailor (now Harley) found each other and became inseparable friends. They are now living the best life with a loving family and each other, forever.

best friends kittens

They have found their forever home together@ilckenzoo

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