Milly the Kitten with Quirky Paw and Whole Lot of Energy Finds Kind Folks to Help Her Thrive

A cat who was found roaming aimlessly outside, came across people who wouldn’t give up on him. They changed his life.

cat round face

Appa (now Sir Lewis)Jen @pokeypotpie

Radia and her mother were on their way home when they spotted a cat wandering on the side of the road. It was a rainy day, and the cat looked haggard, wet and cold, about a few feet away from their house.

Radia got out of her car and went to check on him while her mother rushed to fetch a carrier. The cat was scared and took refuge under a vehicle.

With lots of patience and some treats, he finally emerged from hiding, being too hungry to resist the food.

stray cat cheeks

He was found outside on a rainy daySheeta and Co

The cat was taken to the vet to be evaluated. As it turned out, he had come to the right place at the right time.

Radia, her mother and sister, Zahraa, run a small volunteer-based animal rescue, Sheeta and Co, in Kuwait to help stray animals in their area.

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Sheeta and Co

The cat named Appa was treated for an eye infection and ear mites. They couldn’t find a microchip nor was anyone looking for him.

“His fur was greasy, and he seemed dusty. He was flighty from spending time on the street. No one ever claimed him. It was something we expected as pet abandonment in Kuwait is out of control,” Zahraa shared with Love Meow.

appa cat potato

Jen @pokeypotpie

The family took Appa into their home. He was very quiet and kept his eyes closed most of the time. He wasn’t grooming himself for a few days and showed no interest in playing.

“He was barely moving from his spot. However, he accepted pets and purred when he was given attention.”

sweet cat cheeks

Jen @pokeypotpie

Appa seemed exhausted after surviving the streets. “We tried to cheer him up and gave him massages and even got him a comb that he really enjoyed.”

With safety, comfort and plenty of reassurance, he started to seek affection from people.

snuggly cat happy

Jen @pokeypotpie

Sheeta and Co works with partner rescue groups in the US to help cats like Appa find good homes. City Kitties DC offered to assist, and their foster volunteer, Jen (@pokeypotpie), welcomed Appa into her care.

Appa flew across the ocean along with another rescue cat, Harvey, to their new foster home. Having an energetic playmate brought out the inner-kitten in Appa. Soon, he was ready to find a place of his own.

cat big cheeks


Alyson came across a post about Appa and instantly fell head over heels for the sweet boy.

“I religiously followed him from Kuwait to DC, and the day he was put up for adoption, I woke up early and applied to adopt him,” Alyson shared with Love Meow.

happy sleeping cat


“When we met him, I knew it was love.” Within a minute, Appa melted into Alyson, rumbling with his gentle purrs, while she petted his cheeks.

A week later, Appa, renamed Sir Lewis, arrived at his new home with Alyson and her fiance and quickly claimed the place as his kingdom.

cat lounging laid back


Sir Lewis wants to stay close to his people at all times. Whenever he is petted, he switches on his purr motor and even plops down on the floor to soak up all the love.

He prefers being curled up next to his humans when he naps, always touching them with his paw.

cat cuddles sir lewis


Besides sleeping, Sir Lewis enjoys getting his cheeks scritched, playing “soccer” with a tennis ball and offering “help” in the office by taking over the big chair or lying on a laptop.

He has also mastered the art of the belly trap.

belly rub trap cat


“It’s been so amazing seeing his personality come out. He really is this playful, sweet little guy who loves to play and chase toys. He’s very demanding for his food.”

Alyson wakes up in the morning to the grumpy meow of Sir Lewis standing next to his food bowl, asking that his breakfast be served immediately.

grumpy cat sir lewis


“He has had some health issues, but we’re just so glad we are able to give him the life and care that he deserves,” Alyson told Love Meow.

With the help of rescuers and many volunteers, Sir Lewis is living the best life with the family he’s always wanted.

sleeping cat cheeks


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