Lonely Kitten is Eager for a Place Like Home, 2 Weeks Later Another Kitten Like Him Shows Up with Same Wish

A lonely kitten was eager for a place like home. Two weeks later, another kitten like him showed up with the same wish.

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Chloe and CollinAllison @ilckenzoo

A kitten named Collin was brought into a county shelter at the tender age of 3-4 weeks old. He was packed with energy and wanted to break out of the confines of his kennel.

One of the shelter employees took him home while they searched for a rescue group that could take him. When volunteers of AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue saw the plea, they immediately offered to foster him.

Collin was picked up from the shelter that day and transported to the comfort of a loving home.

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CollinAllison @ilckenzoo

“When he arrived, he basically walked out of the carrier like he owned the place. He instantly knew he was safe,” Allison Ilcken, foster mom, told Love Meow.

This tiny one-pounder nestled right up to his people, curled up under their chin. He was so eager for love as if he was trying to make up for lost time.

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Collin played with Izzy the dogAllison @ilckenzoo

He was as affectionate as he was brave. He ran up to a gentle resident dog who was towering over him, and started wrestling with her tail and nibbling on her ear. He turned into a little dynamo and didn’t seem to have a pause button.

Collin was born with a condition called entropion, in which the eyelids roll inward causing irritation. He would need corrective surgery when he was big enough. Despite it all, nothing seemed to slow him down.

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He was born with a condition called entropionAllison @ilckenzoo

He wanted to play with every resident animal he met, and was constantly on the lookout for a friend. When he learned that there was another foster kitten in the house, he was over the moon.

A ginger tabby named Chloe was found outside, covered in fleas. Just like Collin, she was alone, desperately needing a foster home.

ginger tabby kitten

ChloeAllison @ilckenzoo

With proper care and good food, all the pesky fleas were gone, and she started making good gains. When she was ready to socialize, Allison knew just the buddy to introduce her to.

Collin had been wanting a constant playmate since the beginning. When he laid eyes on Chloe, a kitten of similar age, he was ecstatic and made a beeline to her.

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They became inseparable friendsAllison @ilckenzoo

“Chloe was a little unsure for the first hour but after that they quickly became inseparable,” Allison shared with Love Meow.

They began pouncing, cavorting and wrestling with each other as if they had always been littermates.

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Allison @ilckenzoo

Now, the two are often found napping on top of one another. When it’s meal time, they prefer eating from each other’s bowl while crisscrossing their bodies.

kittens meal time

Allison @ilckenzoo

“They are constantly looking for each other. Chloe will chirp when she can’t find him. They snuggle and play together all day.”

After Collin had his eye surgery, Chloe never left his side. He kept his motor running nonstop throughout his recovery.

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Allison @ilckenzoo

During that time, not only did their bond grow stronger, but also they welcomed another foster kitten, Carter, into their crew.

The two best friends feed off each other’s energy as they go on mini excursions (from room to room), discover treasure troves (toys) and chase each other around the house.

sweet kittens friends

Collin, Carter and ChloeAllison @ilckenzoo

“They are very chatty and will often meow and chirp throughout the house while playing.”

Collin and Chloe, partners in mischief, are now ready to find their forever home, where they will be loved and spoiled endlessly.

cute kittens best friends

Best of friends

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