Kitten with ‘Elvis Lip’ Lets Out the Whiniest Little Meow When He Finds the Person He’s Been Waiting for

A kitten with an “Elvis lip” let out the whiniest little meow when he found the person he’d been waiting for.

cute kitten elvis lip

Widdle the kittenKristen @widdlekittenclub

Kristen Sterner came across a plea from a local animal shelter about a 6-week-old kitten desperately needing rescue. She immediately reached out to St. Francis Society Animal Rescue for support and offered to foster him.

The kitten had a slew of health issues and a few wounds due to trauma. “As soon as I picked him up and brought him home, he let out the whiniest little meow, and I fell in love with him,” Kristen told Love Meow.

The orange tabby is polydactyl and has extra toes on all four paws. His wounded mouth would heal into “an ‘Elvis lip’ that shows off all his little teeth”.

kitten polydactyl lip

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

The kitten was named Widdle after an Ewok Warrior from Star Wars. From day one, Widdle was feisty and vocal despite everything he had gone through.

At his first vet visit with Kristen, Widdle didn’t hold back voicing his many “opinions”. “He had a lot to say and even when they took him for X-rays, I could still hear him from down the hall and in our room with the door shut.”

kitten lip vet

Widdle had a lot to say at the vet’s officeKristen @widdlekittenclub

Widdle was started on medication and treatment to fight his ailments. His persistent upper respiratory infections kept Kristen on her toes.

Eventually, they discovered that Widdle has chronic, recurrent rhinosinusitis and mycoplasma. “He has a cold stuck in his nose and will probably be on medication for the rest of his life.”

kitten thumb lip widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

Despite it all, Widdle is so determined. As soon as he gets back on his feet, he starts zooming around the house, sneaking up behind his people and demanding anything he desires.

“He has never given up and even after all he has been through, is the sweetest little dude around.”

kitten big paws

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

When Kristen met him at the shelter, she saw ferocity behind his eyes and knew this little guy meant business. From the moment he made his first whining cry, he tucked his way deep into her heart.

“I knew he was going to be part of our family.”

snuggly kitten widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

As Widdle grew into a young cat, his personality came out in full swing. He was fearless, boisterous and adored other cats and dogs. He turned into a velcro kitty when he was with Kristen.

“Widdle is a firecracker. He is very bossy and demanding, but also extremely sweet and lovable.”

kitten paws lip widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

“If he wants something, he will let out this nasally whiny meow, which you can’t mistake for anyone but him,” Kristen told Love Meow.

Widdle is very persuasive and doesn’t take no for an answer.

talkative cat widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

Every morning, Kristen wakes up to Widdle running up the cat wall to the cat tree next to the door to greet her. He then climbs onto her shoulders and starts the day with the warmest hugs and sweetest rumbling purrs.

kitten shoulder cat widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

“Widdle loves to shoulder-surf, and will hitch a ride throughout the entire house.” He enjoys having his toe beans rubbed and smooched.

Kristen always finds Widdle sitting on the back of her chair at dinner time, sniffing the smell of food wafting through the air.

smiley cat widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

Widdle has triumphed through feats of great bravery and grown to be a beautiful cat with a big personality.

Yesterday, they celebrated his first birthday together, and Widdle was very proud.

happy smiley cat widdle

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

“One of the best things that could have ever happened to me, was my Widdle coming into my life,” Kristen shared. “He is my soul kitty and he just fills my heart with such love and happiness.”

cat big paws toes

Kristen @widdlekittenclub

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