Kitten So Tiny that No One Knows If He’ll Make it But He Stuns Everyone with His Strength

A kitten was so tiny that no one knew if he would make it, but he stunned everyone with his strength.

tiny kitten sweet

Sebastian the kittenPenny @fosterkittenhq

About two months ago, Penny Richards, a foster volunteer of Animal Welfare League of Arlington, took in three kittens desperately needing round-the-clock care. One of them was exceptionally small.

“When moving them from the carrier to the incubator, I could immediately see that Sebastian (the runt) was half the size of his sisters,” Penny told Love Meow. “His eyes were bulging from his skull, and he was barely moving around.”

Sebastian was in a dire condition, emaciated and dehydrated, but against all odds, he mustered the little energy he had to eat.

tiny rescued kitten

He was in very poor shape when he was rescuedPenny @fosterkittenhq

“I was really surprised to discover that he could latch to a bottle and manage to drink three milliliters all by himself. Typically, when kittens are in the state he was in, they are simply too weak to eat,” Penny shared.

“This strength showed me that he had a will to live and was ready to battle through with me.”

sweet kittens incubator

Sebastian was much smaller than his sistersPenny @fosterkittenhq

The little fighter was able to have small meals around the clock. In 24 hours, he perked up and started to nuzzle into the blanket at feeding time. “He would crawl around the incubator, climbing on his sisters.”

Sebastian was treated for infections while making gains consistently. His energy levels significantly improved, and he even began to seek out food.

tiny kitten sebastian

Penny @fosterkittenhq

“He wanted to eat and grow stronger. He wanted to get better so that he could play with his sisters, Annette and Kathryn.”

A week after arriving, Sebastian more than doubled his weight. He looked so much happier with clear eyes and a plump belly. “He’s put hard work into this rotund body and energized spirit.”

kittens trio cute

Annette, Sebastian and KathrynPenny @fosterkittenhq

Sebastian was the first to cry out for his food. As soon as he finished eating, he’d purr nonstop and roll around on his foster mom, getting all the pets and belly rubs.

His flame/cream points started to come in around 4-5 weeks old, and his personality was blooming.

kittens cute foster

Penny @fosterkittenhq

“He’ll ask to be picked up, and then purr his little heart out as he frantically tries to rub his face all over me.”

Sebastian immediately took to Blaine, another foster kitten, who had been found outside all alone. Blaine was over the moon to have friends to cuddle with.

cute kittens cuddles

Sebastian and his friend BlainePenny @fosterkittenhq

Sebastian adores people and wants to be everybody’s friend. He wrestles and scampers around with other kittens and hugs them when they nap.

“He came in at about one week old, weighing as much as a small newborn. He remains on the small side today, but I couldn’t be more proud of his journey,” Penny shared with Love Meow.

foster kittens cuddle friends

Sebastian, his sisters and foster friendsPenny @fosterkittenhq

Sebastian has a purr motor that doesn’t seem to stop running. While sharing Penny’s lap with other kittens, he likes to rub his face all over his foster mom and gaze into her eyes.

“I like to think that he’s got that extra appreciation for life, after he had such a rough start.”

lap kittens cute

Penny @fosterkittenhq

“I am so proud of this little guy and the strength he had to pull through. I love each and every kitten that comes through, but sometimes, they just leave an impression.”

snuggly kittens

Sebastian and KathrynPenny @fosterkittenhq

“Sebastian will be going to his new home next week, and I sure will miss him.”

flame point kitten sebastian

Penny @fosterkittenhq

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