Kitten Left Behind on a Doormat is Taken into a Home Where the Resident Cats Decide to Help

A kitten was found left behind on a doormat and taken into a home, where the resident cats decided to help.

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A newborn kitten was found left behind on the doormat of a family’s house. The cat mother ran away and never came back. The family scooped her up and rushed to get her help.

Ashley who fosters for Little Wanderers NYC, was apprised of the tiny singleton and immediately agreed to foster her. The kitten was cold upon arrival, and at about 70 grams, she was very underweight for a newborn.

Ashley had to warm her up to a safe body temperature before she could start slow-feeding her. She stayed up all night nursing the kitten with small feeds while keeping her warm and comfortable.

newborn kitten found doormat


Against all odds, the kitten perked up the next day and started suckling down the formula on her own. After a few more sleepless nights, Ashley could breathe a sigh of relief as the kitten stabilized.

The kitten named Chihiro recovered from some stomach issues and started to make good gains. “She was always such a fighter. Every time I fed her, she’d attack the bottle and nurse so vigorously,” Ashley shared with Love Meow.

tiny newborn kitten, kitten syringe feeding


“She went from premature to chunky, above average for her age, in one week. This was no easy feat for either of us, and I was sure at several points I would lose her.”

When the kitten opened her eyes, her curiosity grew. She’d ask to be held so she could check out her surroundings and occasionally sniff her foster mom’s hand for milk.

kitten eyes opened


When Ashley upgraded the kitten to a spacious playpen, the resident cats came to meet the newcomer and offered their assistance. They would hang out with her, teach her how to interact appropriately with other cats and how to stay clean and play with toys.

Biscuit the tabby has the patience of a saint, letting the kitten play with his tail for as long as she’d like.

kitten plays cat tail


“She loves to pounce and stalk us and the cats. She is learning how to jump on and off furniture. She is a very adventurous girl.”

When Chihiro figured out how to cuddle, she was obsessed and started taking shoulder rides around the house, napping and falling asleep on her people and other cats.

snuggly kitten shoulders


“This little girl cuddles, chirps and trills all day long. She’s won over everybody in the house,” Ashley shared.

Having a feline friend accompany her on a warm lap, purring loudly along, makes her the happiest kitty in the world.

cat kitten snuggly friends


“She likes to be curled up right under our chins and stretch her paws out to touch our faces. She prefers to be sleeping on us at all times and is truly a lap cat. She knows her name and comes when she’s called.”

Even the least kitten-friendly cat in the household can’t resist Chihiro.

kitten cat snuggly friends


At three months old, the kitten is ready for a place of her own. She is looking for a family that will love and spoil her endlessly, with feline siblings to play and snuggle with all day.

kitten cat snuggly


“When she is tired, she wants to be as close as possible. She loves to flop violently right under my chin with full trust that I am going to support her (though sometimes, I’m not fast enough and she slides down my arm).”

cuddly kitten sleeping


“This precious angel loves as hard as she plays. She is just so perfect, and all those sleepless nights were worth it.”

sleeping kitten happy


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