Kitten Keeps Sniffing and Snuggling New Kitty Who was Found Alone Outside, as if She Knows Just What He Needs

A kitten kept sniffing and snuggling a new kitty who had been found alone outside, as if she knew just what he needed.

kittens best friends

Angel and Benny@tiny.paws.fosters

About a month ago, a little tabby found herself at a county shelter in Tampa, FL, needing round-the-clock foster care. Nadija of AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue stepped up to take her on.

After a night fussing over her bottle, the kitten named Angel finally latched on and started eating like a champ. With a hearty meal in her belly, she dozed off in a food coma in her cozy bed.

“She has a full tummy, a warm blanket and not a care in the world,” Nadija shared with Love Meow.

sleeping tabby kitten


When Angel was big and strong enough to venture out of her nest to explore, she was given a spacious playpen to exercise her prowess. It came with many toys, a scratcher and various napping options.

Despite everything she had, Angel wanted nothing more than a constant buddy to play and snuggle with.

talkative tabby kitten angel


Around that time, Nadija was contacted about a little singleton, a cream kitty, who had been found outside all alone. He was dehydrated and very tired when he arrived.

“He had a few drops of his bottle and immediately fell asleep,” Nadija added. “I’ve been looking for a friend for Angel, and he’s very close in age and size, so it was perfect.”

sleeping cream kitten


The kitten named Benny woke up intermittently during his long nap to make sure that he was still safe. “The second he felt my hand, he snoozed off again.”

Benny spent his first night resting a ton, making up for lost sleep.

sleeping cream kitten benny


Nadija was able to get some food in his belly and rehydrate him. With a lot of encouragement, Benny figured out his bottle and began to put on weight.

When the two kittens were ready for a proper meet-and-greet, Angel was beyond excited.

cream kitten benny


“It was love at first sight for Angel when she first met Benny. She couldn’t stop sniffing him, putting her paws on him, and even licked him a few times and tried to get him to play with her,” Nadija told Love Meow.

Benny, on the other hand, was a bit shyer, but he didn’t mind Angel’s enthusiasm.

kittens best friends

It was love at first sight for Angel when they met@tiny.paws.fosters

He waited until Angel was done greeting him, and then he got up from the comfort of his bed to check out his new surroundings.

“A few minutes later, they were playing together.”

kittens playing happy

They quickly hit it off and started playing@tiny.paws.fosters

With Angel by his side cheering him on, Benny came out of his shell and grew braver each day.

“Angel is a ‘people-cat’. The second she sees me, she’s running over and asking to be held. Benny used to be a shy little boy but has really found his confidence and now loves to climb, play and explore.”

fluffy cream kitten benny


Benny enjoys sitting next to his people while Angel insists on squeezing her way into their arms.

The two best friends have learned to use their litter box together and reached a few milestones along the way. With extra space and an assortment of toys to play with, they are constantly on the move, romping around and wrestling with each other.

kitten tabby cream friends

Best of friends@tiny.paws.fosters

They have befriended Lemon, a foster cat, and made her feel a part of the crew.

Benny and Angel have different mothers, but they share an incredible bond. They are looking for a home together. “They love to play together, snuggle together for nap time and complement each other so well.”

kittens cat friends snuggling

Angel and Benny enjoy hanging out with Lemon the cat@tiny.paws.fosters

The two buddies are so happy to have each other to lean on as they journey towards their forever home someday.

best friends kittens


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