Kitten is Found in a Basket at a Park and Shortly After He is Accepted by a Cat and Her Litter of Six

A kitten was found in a basket at a park. Shortly after, he was accepted by a cat and her litter of six.

newborn orphan kitten

Rerun the kitten@fostercatsfordays

A heavily pregnant cat was brought into Animal Control a few weeks ago. Before a local rescue had a chance to take her in, she gave birth to six kittens inside her kennel.

“We got them the next day, and she settled right in (to her foster home) with purrs and biscuits,” Aimee of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue told Love Meow. “She’s so sweet she had to have been a pet. She was filthy so she must have been outside.”

The cat named Lucy was very pleased to have a comfy room to raise her kittens. She walked out of her carrier purring and hasn’t stopped since.

sweet calico cat

Lucy the cat mom@_catz4life_

Having six hungry mouths to feed, Lucy wasn’t eating nearly enough at the beginning. Through supportive care and good food, she started to feel better, and her appetite improved.

Her kittens (Pigpen, Linus, Charlie, Patty, Woodstock, Snoopy) fell asleep on their mom with full bellies.

cat mom sleeping kittens


As soon as Lucy started eating more, so did her kittens (more milk from the mom). She was very affectionate towards Aimee, purring and rubbing against her as if to thank her for taking them in.

She would climb onto Aimee’s lap when she needed a break from her babies, stretching her toes while being petted.

affectionate cat lap


Fast forward to two days ago, the rescue was contacted about a tiny kitten found in a basket at a park, with a partially consumed bottle. “Someone had just abandoned him there.”

The kitten was left unattended by himself, and no one came to claim him, so the finder brought him to the rescue for help.

kitten found in park

Rerun was found in a basket at a park@fostercatsfordays

At just a few days old, the kitten desperately needed round-the-clock care and a mother’s love. To ensure his best chance at survival, they decided to try introducing him to the nursing mom.

Lucy promptly came running to the sound of the little singleton and started cleaning him from head to toe.

cat accepts kitten

Lucy took him in right away and started caring for him@_catz4life_

“She immediately accepted this little peanut into her family. We are so thankful to her for giving this orphan a home,” Aimee shared with Love Meow.

The baby, Rerun (named after the youngest of the Peanuts characters), was brought to the nest, and Lucy lay down on her side to let him nurse.

kitten nursing cat

Rerun was so happy to have a mom@_catz4life_

Rerun perked up as he vigorously kneaded away on Mama’s belly. In no time, he was seen snuggling with his new siblings in an adorable cuddle-puddle.

Lucy was instantly enamored of the new addition to the family, doting on him alongside her own.

kittens sleeping cuddle

He joined his new siblings for a nap@_catz4life_

Being the youngest of the clowder, Rerun needs some help to keep up with his food intake. Aimee has started supplementing him while Lucy works on the rest.

“While mama has accepted him, he’s smaller than the rest and struggles to fight his way to the milk bar. So I pulled him to bottle-feed him, and he immediately took to it.”

kitten bottle feeding

Lucy likes to watch Rerun when he gets his bottle@_catz4life_

Lucy comes to watch Rerun as he gobbles down the formula, waiting to give his face a thorough wash.

“He knows bottles, so someone must have been bottle-feeding him. I’m so curious what the backstory is. Mama Lucy and I will be co-parenting this little one.”

sweet kitten kiss


Despite being just palm-sized, Rerun has a strong motor and rumbles with his purrs after every feeding. “His eyes are just about to open, so he’s about a week to ten days old.”

kitten nursing on cat


With the help of many people and a doting cat, Rerun is doing wonderfully, making good gains and snuggling all day.

He has a big family to keep him company and two moms to raise him and watch him grow.

kitten nursing on cat


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