Kitten Crawls into Vent and Can’t Get Out Until Rescuers Arrive, She Curls Up on Their Neck to ‘Thank’ Them

A kitten crawled into a vent and couldn’t get out until rescuers arrived. She curled up on their neck to “thank” them.

stray kitten hugs shoulders

Delilah the kitten@animalslebanon

Students at a university heard what sounded like a distressed kitten through a ventilation shaft. The kitten had somehow snuck into the vent and couldn’t find her way out.

The meowing went on for a few days, and some concerned students tried tossing food into the vent in an attempt to save her. Without much luck, they reached out to the community for help.

When Animals Lebanon, a rescue group, received their plea, they leapt into action. “We are unsure how she got in. There was a hole in the ventilation above ground. She could have crawled in there,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

stray kitten vent rescue

She was rescued from the vent in an underground parking garage@animalslebanon

By the time the rescue team arrived, the kitten had stopped crying. “They were unable to hear her, so the first thing our team did was slip a phone through the vent to see if they could locate her, but (it was) without success.”

They went down to the underground parking garage to continue their search.

kitten rescued from vent


After hours going through the labyrinth of vents, they still couldn’t find the kitten as if she were playing hide and seek with them.

“We decided to construct a platform and place it directly outside the vent with a humane trap, so she could easily enter.”

kitten hiding in pillows

Slowly but surely, she came out of her shell and learned to trust@animalslebanon

With a can of smelly food, at some point that night, the hungry kitten emerged from the vent and went into the trap. When the rescuers returned that night, they were delighted to know that the kitten was finally secured.

“She was understandably terrified at first being stuck in a large maze of vents and in the dark with no one around.”

stray kitten snuggles

Delilah turned into a cuddle-bug@animalslebanon

The kitten was lovingly named Delilah. After getting some food and snuggles, she slowly warmed up to her people, and her wary eyes began to relax.

“The moment she realized she was safe was when she was taken to a foster who showered love on her and was very patient with her as she slowly came out of her shell.”

kitten shoulder snuggles delilah

She immediately felt safe when she snuggled up to her person on his shoulder@animalslebanon

Delilah worked up the courage to seek affection from her people and even curled up in the crook of their neck, trying to be up close and personal. “Thanks to her fosters, she was able to fully place her trust in others.”

After checking out her new space, she romped around, claiming every piece of furniture she graced.

kitten lounging on couch delilah


The kitten is thriving as she no longer has to worry about having a roof over her head or where her next meal is coming from. She has also grown very fond of shoulder rides.

“She is the most comfortable on a shoulder.”

kitten shoulder snuggles


“Her character truly blossomed. She’s very playful, loves to cuddle, and loves napping. She’s the perfect friend to spend lazy afternoons with.”

Delilah is three months old now, reveling in her life as an indoor cat, zooming around without a care in the world.

happy kitten delilah

She’s so much more confident and loves to play@animalslebanon

The once timid stray has transformed into a confident cat. Delilah likes to climb up her people, so she can be snuggled and carried around the house in their arms.

snuggly cat delilah


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