Kind People Take a Chance on a Cat and 3 Kittens from Shelter, the Cat ‘Thanks’ Them in the Sweetest Way

Kind people took a chance on a cat and her kittens from a shelter. The cat ‘thanked’ them in the sweetest way.

sweet cat smile


A heavily pregnant cat was brought into a shelter desperately needing rescue. When Best Friends Felines (a volunteer-based rescue group) received a plea for help, they sprang into action.

Shortly after arriving, they discovered that she had a serious heart murmur and arranged for a special carer (Dr. Tess, a veterinarian) who welcomed the expectant mom into her loving home.

The cat named Trixie was an instant love-bug, fawning over every person she met. “She rewards them with endless smooches and her little purring engine doesn’t stop,” the rescue shared.

cat mom newborn kittens


In a comfortable room, Trixie gave birth to three kittens without issue. She was a doting mother from the start, and her purr motor never seemed to stop running.

“She is so content, happy and healthy looking that you forget she has a serious heart condition.”

cat nursing kittens


When her kittens were big enough for adoption, they quickly went off to their forever homes. Trixie joined the rescue’s palliative care program, so she could receive life-long support for her special needs.

A cardiac specialist was consulted. Her exact life span was unknown, but “it could be a few months”. As if Trixie had heard her prognosis, she was determined to outlive their expectations.

sweet fluffy cat trixie


“Trixie has several defects with her heart and is on a few different medications to keep her stable.”

She quickly formed a bond with her carers, spending hours with them, playing and getting pampered. “She welcomes endless pats and smooches from her humans, with the motor running in contentment.”

cuddly cat trixie


Trixie would follow them everywhere around the house. If they were in the office, she would hop on the desk and gladly extend a helping paw.

When she was living with Dr. Tess, she often sat next to her computer to “assist” her work.

office cat holding paws


Trixie also enjoyed spending time with Dr. Tess’ daughter, lying on her school work, being her cutest study partner.

She would stay with her for as long as needed, and outstretch her paws to offer some “pointers”.

cat reading supervisor


Trixie has been a ray of sunshine since the day she arrived. She moved into a new foster home recently and quickly befriended the resident cat, Zoro, and even the dog.

“She continues to give lots of love and affection to anyone she comes across,” Danielle, foster mom, shared.

cuddly cat hugs


“Trixie loves chasing after a ball in the hallway and playing with Zoro especially when they get the zoomies.”

She loves getting affection from the youngsters in the family and showers them with snuggles. “She shows a lot of patience with even the little ones.”

office cat trixie


Best Friends Felines celebrated her first year in care, then the second, and now the third. Trixie has truly surprised everyone.

“She was not expected to live for more than six months but here we are three years down the track. You would never know that anything is wrong with her by looking at her,” the rescue shared.

sweet cat belly rubs


Every morning, Trixie will run to the bedroom door when she hears her people, and guide them to the kitchen for her food.

“She will communicate with you (meowing) when it is her meal time. She continues to delight us with her quirky personality,” Danielle said.

tabby fluffy cat


Trixie has exceeded everyone’s expectations and is living each day to the fullest. “She is happy and full of life, and we hope she still has quite a few years in her.”

sweet fluffy cat trixie


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