Grateful Cat ‘Thanks’ Family When They Take Him Out of Shelter After He was Found on the Streets at 14

A grateful cat “thanked” a family when they took him out of the shelter after he had been found on the streets at 14.

cat older hugs human

Belzer the catSaving Grace Rescue

A friendly Siamese was found outside as a stray and brought into an animal shelter for help. He was estimated to be 14 years old, and right away, staff and volunteers noticed just how affectionate he was.

Somehow, he wound up on the streets where he tried to vie for people’s attention. At the shelter, he continued his love streak by walking up to people and offering purrs and hugs.

Staff knew that this sweet little man needed a loving home where he could kick back and relax, and enjoy his golden years.

siamese cat stray

He was found as a stray and estimated to be 14 years oldSaving Grace Rescue

“He’s extremely chill and friendly. The shelter reached out to me because his personality is so exceptional,” Amber Rose, founder of Saving Grace Rescue (in SF), shared with Love Meow.

Amber immediately started arranging for a long term foster/hospice home for the deserving boy. A family from the area stepped up to help.

siamese stray cat

He walked up to everyone for attention and hugs at the shelterSaving Grace Rescue

“He’s hyperthyroid and needs dental care, but we are getting him on track.”

The foster family picked up the cat, but little did they know that they would receive the warmest greeting. The Siamese immediately reached for them and gave them the sweetest hugs.

happy older siamese cat

When Belzer met his foster dad, he gave him the biggest hugSaving Grace Rescue

He wrapped his arms around his foster dad and held him tight as if to make up for lost time. “He is over the moon to be out of the shelter and in a foster home. He is giving all the hugs to show his gratitude,” Amber told Love Meow.

“He hugs his foster family as much as he can from minute one. He’s just amazing.”

older siamese cat

He quickly felt at home and found a lap to sit onSaving Grace Rescue

The family named him Belzer. After exploring around his new space, he lay down on his human’s lap and fully reveled in their company.

On the second day, Belzer discovered the computer desk and decided to offer some “assistance” while his foster dad sat down to do some work.

office sleeping cat

Belzer offered his assistance while his human used the computerSaving Grace Rescue

He curled up into an adorable “cinnamon roll” on his dad’s lap and purred himself to sleep. “They are absolutely smitten with him.”

He spends most of his day cuddling away with his people, making sure that they are never alone. He’s rediscovered the joy of playing with toys, and his inner kitten is coming out.

playful older siamese cat

He started to play like a kitten againSaving Grace Rescue

When Belzer isn’t cuddling, he’s likely snoozing snugly in his fluffy bed, dreaming about all the wonderful things.

They don’t know how Belzer ended up wandering the streets at 14 years old, but what they do know is that the rest of his life will be filled with love, joy and hugs.

sleeping siamese cat

Happy and lovedSaving Grace Rescue

Belzer prefers being around his people at all times, so they’ve built a little cat house next to their bed with plenty of blankets and napping choices.

His eagerness to be loved led him to the kind folks at the shelter and Saving Grace Rescue. Now, he is enjoying his retirement with great care, good food and wonderful people who cherish him immensely.

sleeping cat

Saving Grace Rescue

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