Chirpy Cat Shows Up at a Property But Before Anyone Can Get Her Help They Discover Kittens in the Yard

A guy who claimed he would never be a cat person, started helping a cat from the streets and changed his mind.

tabby cat sleeping


A resident from the Bronx found a stray cat lying on the lawn, looking sickly and lethargic. The cat had been roaming around the neighborhood for some time until his health started to deteriorate.

The cat found his way to the resident’s front yard and was friendly despite having little strength to move around. He needed immediate medical attention, so the resident’s family reached out to their local rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, and asked if they could take him in.

With the help of fellow volunteers at SaintSpiro Cat Rescue, they were able to get the cat to the vet straight away.

rescued cat yard

Little Wanderers NYC

The tabby was estimated to be seven years old at the time. He came with a host of health issues from respiratory infections to dental disease to skin trouble. Despite it all, he remained in good spirits and just wanted to be loved.

Over the next few months, the cat named Braveman (for his bravery) went through an extensive journey to recovery with the support of Little Wanderers NYC. When he was well enough to go into a foster home, he met a couple that was new to fostering.

rescued cat yard

Little Wanderers NYC

“Living in a small New York City apartment, we decided to foster a cat,” Polina shared. Her partner who had never had a cat before, was onboard to help but claimed that he would “never be a cat person”.

When Braveman showed up at the apartment building with his belongings, the man was unimpressed but acquiesced in his new role as the foster dad.

cat shoe slippers


To Braveman, it was an exciting beginning of a new journey. He was thrilled to have a roof over his head and a family to look after him. He was very friendly and up for anything, and quickly made an impression on the couple.

Braveman still had some healing to do and needed to be seen by a vet from time to time.

lap cat braveman


While Polina was away at work during the day, her partner was working from home with Braveman, keeping him company.

“He ended up being the one taking care of Braveman on a daily basis. He brought him to every appointment at the Animal Medical Center to see specialists or to the emergency room,” Polina shared.

sleeping cat braveman


“When Braveman wouldn’t eat, he spoon-fed him baby food. They bonded.”

Braveman began to thrive under the care of the couple and crept his way deep into their hearts, especially his foster dad. He would hop on their lap for cuddles and follow them around the house, always ready for a treat.

happy tabby cat


When someone was at the computer, Braveman would gladly offer his “help” and claim their chair. He would fall asleep any place he found fit.

With great care and a bountiful supply of food, Braveman made lots of healthy gains and was snugglier than ever.

happy snuggly cat


After about two years in their care, Braveman blossomed into a handsome, dapper boy with a beautiful personality. The couple couldn’t part with him and made him an official part of their family.

dapper cat braveman adopted

Little Wanderers NYC

“No matter how he feels (health wise) from time to time, we will always be there for him,” Polina said. “He is our first furry child who helped us discover new things about ourselves and make our small family stronger.”

dapper handsome cat


Early this year, Braveman (aka Garry) was introduced to Kobe the pup, a new member of the family. He took Kobe under his wing and showed him the ropes.

cat pup friends

Braveman and KobePolina

Braveman is living life like a king and relishing everyday with his loving family.

cat window time


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