Cat Who Was Last One to Leave Neighborhood Streets, Decides He’ll Give Indoor Life a Try

A cat who was the last one to leave the neighborhood streets, decided he would give indoor life a try after years outdoors.

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A long-haired black and white cat had been wandering the streets of Montreal. At some point, he joined several community cats who relied on the kindness of a neighbor (that gave them food) to survive.

As the population of stray cats continued to rise in the area, local animal rescuers stepped in to help. They began a mission to get all the cats spayed and neutered and into foster homes, with the assistance of rescue organizations.

One by one, all the cats from the area were rescued, except for one. The last cat was a disheveled tom who was covered in dirt and mats.

stray fluffy cat

He was found in a neighborhood along with a colony of catscomrescuemontreal

“He had stayed in the same neighborhood for at least two winters. He managed to get through the very cold weather,” Celine of ChatonsOrphelins Montreal shared.

According to the neighbor, he came to their house regularly for food and would wait by the door in the morning. After the last winter, his coat became very unkempt and his health appeared to decline.

street cat fluffy stray

His fur was very matted and he needed to be rescuedcomrescuemontreal

The cat was able to evade the humane traps time after time and ended up being the last stray roaming the neighborhood streets.

In the end, he was overcome by hunger and decided to walk into a trap (with food inside) placed right in front of the neighbor’s house. “He was finally off the streets and given the medical attention he needed.”

street cat safe

Arthus was finally safe after years on the streetscomrescuemontreal

The cat, named Arthus, was wary of people after years fending for himself in the outdoors. He wouldn’t let anyone approach him, and his fur was matted and reeked of urine.

He was treated for a host of health issues at the vet, and a blanket of matted fur was removed. Without all the knots pulling on his skin, he felt so much better and began to perk up.

street cat shaven

They removed all his matted furcomrescuemontreal

“He was skinny underneath all the matted fur. He had scars all over his body and battle wounds from when he was on the streets. He was finally able to heal.”

Arthus was given a quiet room to himself where he could relax and decompress. Slowly, he warmed up to his people and started to learn to trust. “He had a gentle look on his face even though he was scared.”

stray cat trust

He started to learn to trustcomrescuemontreal

His eyes lit up when his carer petted him on his head. He stood up, wanting more of that soothing, gentle touch. Realizing that he was safe, Arthus started asking for attention and snuggles.

“He’s come out of his shell for cuddles and explored his new surroundings with curiosity. He even gets on his foster mom’s lap, purring and rubbing his face on her.”

sweet foster cat fluffy

He’s really come around since he was rescuedcomrescuemontreal

After a few weeks in his foster home, he’s looking so much healthier, happier, and his fur is growing back in. The dapper little guy is affectionate and sweet as can be.

Arthus likes to squeeze his face next to his human’s to be up close and personal.

sweet cat home arthus

His fur is growing back incomrescuemontreal

He loves to be near people at all times and doesn’t like closed doors in the house. “He enjoys his new life and is starting to have fun like a kitten again. It’s beautiful to see.”

sweet cat arthus

He is loving his new life as an indoor catcomrescuemontreal

Arthus will roll on his back when he wants to play. He greets people with his endearing personality and never fails to put a smile on their faces.

cat fluffy paw


“He is looking for a loving family with a quiet home. After everything he’s gone through, Arthus deserves the best life.”

sweet fluffy cat arthus


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