Cat Wants Indoor Life One Day After He Has Lived Most of His Years Outside, Trying to Make Up for Lost Time

A cat wanted indoor life one day after he’d lived most of his years outside, trying to make up for lost time.

orange tabby cat rescue

FuddyAndrea @turtlecatfoster

When volunteers of St. Francis Animal Rescue were assisting community cats in a local cat colony, they came to know an orange tabby with a sweet face and named him Fuddy.

About three months ago, a caretaker noticed that Fuddy was declining and drooling excessively. Andrea Christian of the rescue brought him inside, so he could be evaluated and cared for.

Knowing that Fuddy needed long term foster care, Alli, who volunteers for the rescue, didn’t hesitate to take him in and provide a place for him to heal.

stray cat orange

Andrea @turtlecatfoster

“That first night, he climbed into my lap, buried his head in my shoulder, purred and covered me with slobber,” Allie shared with Love Meow.

“I fell in love with him in that moment and told him I’d never give up on him.”

sweet stray cat orange

Andrea @turtlecatfoster

Fuddy quickly settled into indoor life and even started playing with toys. Most of all, he was obsessed with snuggling his foster mom, as if he was trying to make up for lost time.

His many years of braving the streets took a toll on him, and he ended up with a myriad of health issues.

orange cat snuggly

He was immediately snuggly once he was indoorsAndrea @turtlecatfoster

“He came covered in fleas and with ears clogged with mites, and now he has so many cat trees to climb in and many sunny places to sleep in.”

Just when they thought Fuddy was ready for his dental surgery, the vets discovered that he had pneumonia and immediately started treating him.

cat orange tongue out

Alli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

The tabby boy is always in good spirits so long as he can snuggle with Alli and rub his face on hers. He will roll around on the floor and purr up a storm. “He’s clearly delighted to be surrounded by soft things and in a place that is quiet and safe.”

With great care, good food and plenty of TLC, Fuddy has put on weight and gained strength.

sweet orange cat snuggles

Alli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

At six years old, he is playing like a kitten again. His personality is truly shining through now that he feels safe and comfortable.

Last week, Fuddy finally received the dental care he desperately needed. During the procedure, they uncovered a surprise mass.

sweet orange cat fuddy

Alli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

“We are still waiting for the biopsy to come back, but I’ve already made the decision,” Allie told Love Meow. “No matter what, Fuddy has found his forever home with me.”

The sweet tabby bounced back from his dental and felt more energized than ever. He tried catching sunbeams by the window before he made his way to his mom for a much-needed cuddle session.

stretching cat fuddy

Alli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

Every morning Fuddy greets Alli with his big hugs and slobbery kisses. He is full of joy and wants to share every iota of it with his mom.

“His favorite thing to do, still, is to climb up my chest and slobber all over me,” Alli shared.

snuggly cat orange

Nothing makes Fuddy happier than cuddling with his humanAlli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

“We feel so grateful that the rescue helped him be as happy and comfortable as he could be.”

Fuddy accepted help on that fateful day and found the family of his dreams. He is now living the best life, bringing purrs and hugs to his people every day.

sweet orange cat ball

Alli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

“Here’s hoping for many years with this slobbery ray of sunshine.”

sweet orange cat fuddy

Alli @morlin_home_4_wayward_kitties

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