Cat Wandering Around Motel Hops into a Car Seeking Help, His Life is Changed Forever

A cat who was found wandering around a motel, hopped into a car seeking help. His life was changed forever.

rescued cat tuxedo

Nick the catSparkle Cat Rescue

Shawna was in Burlington NC when she spotted a black and white cat wandering around the parking lot of a motel, scrounging for food near the dumpsters.

The cat was sickly, rough around the edges, and very hungry. Shawna couldn’t leave him out to fend for himself in such a condition. After giving him some food that she had with her, the friendly stray followed her to her car.

“He hopped right in her car seeking warmth and shelter,” Sparkle Cat Rescue shared.

stray cat outside

He was found outside a motel, scrounging around for foodSparkle Cat Rescue

The friendly stray made himself comfortable inside the vehicle, as if he was ready to embark on a new journey to somewhere warm and safe.

Shawna reached out to Sparkle Cat Rescue, so her newly acquainted feline friend, Nick, could get the medical attention he desperately needed.

stray cat car

He jumped into Shawna’s car and was ready to leave the outdoorsSparkle Cat Rescue

Nick went home with his rescuer that day. He bade farewell to life on the streets and never looked back.

The next day, Nick was seen by a veterinarian. He was estimated to be eight years old and didn’t have a microchip. They discovered infections in his mouth and that he was missing a few teeth. Once he was healthy and strong enough, he would need full dental work.

cat tuxedo sleeping

Nick was getting the medical care he neededSparkle Cat Rescue

Nick was started on treatment for an upper respiratory infection, and began his healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

Despite everything he’d gone through, Nick continued to trust and was a bundle of love from day one. He adored all the soft things in the house, and would rub up against his people, purring up a storm.

snuggly cat tuxedo nick

He adores people and wants to be where they areSparkle Cat Rescue

“He is very friendly and seeks out head scratches. He wants to be where the people are. He doesn’t like it but willingly takes his meds and is eating well,” Shawna said.

Nick started to fill out and gain strength. He was so grateful to be indoors and have food and comfort within grasp. He insisted on being close to people, so he could revel in their company.

happy tuxedo cat nick

He fully enjoys being an indoor catSparkle Cat Rescue

“He was rescued just before Christmas after being found homeless. He’s a very sweet boy and gets along well with other cats,” the rescue added.

A few weeks after he was found, Nick underwent the much-needed dental surgery. He is now on the mend and can finally eat without pain or discomfort.

sweet tuxedo cat nick

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“He is one lucky boy that he got rescued. We truly believe he wouldn’t have survived much longer if he hadn’t been picked up from outside the business he was found at.”

Nick is making good strides each day and eating to his heart’s content. “His coat and skin should get better as he heals from all the dental issues, gains weight, and gets healthier,” Sparkle Cat Rescue shared.

cat eating food

Nick can now eat comfortably after the much-needed dental workSparkle Cat Rescue

“He’s such a handsome boy with the prettiest green eyes. Nick has a great appetite, and his sneezing is practically gone.”

For the first time in a while, Nick is grooming himself again as his mouth and jaw are no longer in pain. Soon, he will be running around the house like the king that he ought to be.

happy tuxedo cat nick

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Nick’s history prior to his rescue remains a mystery, but what they know for sure is that his future will be a bright one, filled with warmth, comfort, purrs, and constant love.

sweet tuxedo cat nick

Sparkle Cat Rescue

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