Cat Walks into Dollar General and Starts Chirping to People so She Can Find Someone to Change Her Life

A cat walked into a Dollar General and started cooing and chirping to people, so she could find someone to change her life.

tabby cat

Figgy the catAndrea Christian

About three months ago, Andrea Christian, who volunteers for St. Francis Animal Rescue, was notified about a stray cat needing urgent help. The tabby was scruffy and just skin and bones.

“I was contacted about a confident, friendly cat that walked into a Dollar General,” Andrea shared with Love Meow. “She walked right in and started chirping to the employees. None of them had seen her around there before.”

The cat was missing a lot of fur and had bald patches all over. The condition of her skin made them believe that she had been neglected for some time.

stray cat rescue

She walked into a Dollar General and was friendly to peopleAndrea Christian

The cat whom they named Figgy, quickly felt at home as soon as she was brought indoors. She started asking for attention and head scritches and would rub her face against people, trying to soak up the love.

Figgy was abandoned outside but found her way to the store to seek help. Now that she was safe, all she wanted was someone to love.

sweet stray cat

She was very scrawny and missing a lot of fur, but she was sweet as could beAndrea Christian

Figgy’s skin issue “turned out to be a bad skin infection due to a flea infestation.” Dr. Anna Bannon of Family Animal Hospital treated her, and a fellow volunteer, Sam, gave her all the love and care needed to help her heal.

The tabby girl was thrilled to have a roof over her head and people to cater to her whims. She would walk up to them for attention and was always excited to play.

stray cat friendly

Figgy walked up to everyone for snugglesAndrea Christian

Figgy would plop down on the floor and roll around on her back in the midst of playing just to show how happy she was.

She wanted to befriend everyone she came across. She was over the moon knowing that she would never have to return to the streets.

stray cat asking attention

She wanted attention and was eager to be lovedAndrea Christian

Sam provided a comfortable space for the tabby girl and all the amenities she needed to help her thrive. With plenty of good food and lots of TLC, Figgy began to fill out, and her fur started to grow back in.

She turned into a full-fledged snuggle-bug and would offer herself to her humans, just in case they needed a cuddle.

tabby cat figgy

With great care, she began to recuperate and put on weightAndrea Christian

Figgy made a full recovery and blossomed into a beautiful fluffy tabby cat.

After nearly three months in foster care, she was ready to find her happily ever after, and that’s when she met Sophie.

fluffy tabby cat figgy

After a few weeks in foster care, her fur grew back in, and her coat was fluffy and softAndrea Christian

Sophie came to see Figgy and tried to bond with her by offering some treats. The sweet tabby was instantly smitten, hopped onto her lap to cuddle and made Sophie her forever human.

“It was love at first sight for both of these beautiful friends.”

cat snuggling

Figgy, now Lulu, has found her forever human, SophieAndrea Christian

Figgy, now Lulu, is living the best life at her forever home. She has the whole family to dote on her every day, and there is no shortage of cuddles and smooches.

happy tabby cat snuggly

Lulu has her whole family to love on her every dayAndrea Christian

“She is absolutely loved, happy, and where she belongs,” Andrea shared. “Helping these deserving animals find their person is the best feeling.”

happy tabby cat

Happy and lovedAndrea Christian

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