Cat Living Under Porch Hands Over Kittens to Those She Trusts, Ready to Be Spoiled House Cat

A cat who was found living under a porch, handed over her kittens to those she trusts. She’s ready to be someone’s spoiled house cat.

cuddly kitten tabby


About two weeks ago, Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, sisters and cofounders of Salty Animal Rescue, were contacted about a cat living under a porch.

“We were told her owner was evicted, and she left her outside,” Saltarski shared. The cat started wandering the streets, scrounging around for food and eventually became pregnant. She had three kittens under the porch and tried her best to keep them fed.

The location was unsafe for the feline family, and they needed to be rescued as soon as possible. “Luckily, a kind neighbor had been feeding them and reached out for help.”

cat stray rescue


The neighbor volunteered to get the mama and the trio out from under the porch. They were finally safe in a carrier en route to the rescue.

The rescue group immediately arranged for a temporary home for them to stay the night and a long-term foster thereafter.

tabby kitten rescue


The family of four were scared when they first arrived, and huddled up together inside a makeshift nursery. With a quiet space to decompress and good food to fill their bellies, the cat mom began to come out of her shell.

She was named Nessie. Once she realized they were safe, she emerged from the nest and explored around the room, checking every nook and cranny.

cat and kittens home

First night in foster care@saltyanimalrescue

Soon, she made her way to her people and started vying for their attention.

She nudged their hands for head scratches. She seemed so thankful to be inside a house, and her purr motor just kept on running.

friendly cat happy

Nessie is so happy to be back inside a home@saltyanimalrescue

“Nessie is the sweetest cat ever. She’s the most relaxed, grateful mama,” the rescue shared.

Each day, the sweet mama would spend more time away from her kittens to be with people. After a few days in foster care, she was ready to retire from motherhood once and for all.

sweet cat mother


“She recently got to escape mom life and will never have to have babies again. She seems to do well with other cats. She’s an all-around dream cat.”

Her kittens, Yeti, Gryphon and Siren, are a bit shy but have been getting plenty of cuddle sessions, learning to be brave.

shy kittens sweet

Siren, Yeti and Gryphon@saltyanimalrescue

“They hiss a bit still, but they now know that hisses get more kisses. We’ve been working hard on socializing, and they’re making progress.”

The trio prefer a quiet room where they can feel safe. They are slowly warming up to their people through snuggles.

kitten cuddle session


They are learning that head and chin scritches calm them down and make them happy.

Gryphon and Yeti are always seen together like two peas in a pod. Siren joins them at nap time and takes comfort from her brothers.

trio kittens cute

Yeti, Gryphon and Siren@saltyanimalrescue

While the kittens are working on building confidence, Nessie is loving the indoor life, relishing every moment with her people.

She has handed over her trio to the volunteers to look after, so she can enjoy being a cat again without a care in the world.

cuddle time kitten


She likes to follow her humans around the house and is always ready for some snuggles.

She loves lounging around any place she finds fit, and will come running to her foster mom whenever she wants some attention.

happy cat house

Nessie is loving her new life@saltyanimalrescue

After braving the streets and having a litter of kittens under a porch, Nessie is ready to be someone’s spoiled house cat and be cherished forever.

sleeping cat happy


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