Cat Lingers Around Someone’s House Trying to Get in So He Can Leave the Outdoors for Good

A cat lingered around outside someone’s home, trying to get in, so he could leave the outdoors once and for all.

friendly stray cat

Leonard the catSara Sharp

A grey and white cat was seen in a neighborhood in South Jersey, trying to sneak into a resident’s home. He didn’t belong in the outdoors and desperately wanted to leave the streets.

Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, and her team were in the area helping community cats (getting them spayed and neutered), when the resident reached out to them about the friendly stray.

“A resident contacted us about him saying he had been left outside when their neighbor moved. He kept trying to get in her house,” Sara shared with Love Meow.

friendly stray cat

He was hanging around someone’s home, trying to get inSara Sharp

When Sara came to see the cat, she was immediately greeted by a sweet, friendly boy who was eager to be loved. They got him in a crate to be transported, and he was so excited that he kept rolling around on his back.

He let Sara pick him up and hold him in her arms as if to thank her for helping him off the streets. He was covered in dirt and had a scab on his nose, but he was over the moon knowing he was safe.

stray cat rescued

He was so happy to be safe at lastSara Sharp

The cat was fully vetted and neutered with the support of Community Cat Club. He needed a foster home, so Sarama Animal Rescue extended their resources to take him in to care for him.

It took a village, but the sweet boy now named Leonard settled comfortably indoors. He filled his belly to the brim and took a long nap, making up for lost time.

sleeping cat leo

He quickly settled into the comfort of his foster homeSarama Animal Rescue

From the start, Leonard was extremely friendly and affectionate towards people.

He would follow his foster parents around the house (like their little shadow), so he could be petted and doted on whenever possible.

sweet cat leo

He liked to follow his foster parents around the houseSarama Animal Rescue

The sweet boy loved to join his humans on the couch when they watched TV. He could fall asleep on any surface he found fit or lie against a soft pillow, without a care in the world.

Leonard was so pleased to have a roof over his head and comfy places to lounge on.

lounging cat leo

Sarama Animal Rescue

Leonard’s vivacious personality quickly emerged, and he started to play like a kitten again. A cardboard box made him the happiest boy as he hopped in and out of it, using it as his little fort.

cat plays box

A cardboard box made him a very happy boySarama Animal Rescue

He befriended other cats and dogs in the house and got along with everyone he came across. Leonard was loving life in foster care and had so much to give.

He was more than ready to find a place of his own, where he would be cherished forever.

sweet cat leo

Sarama Animal Rescue

Three months after he was rescued, Leonard’s dream finally came true. He met a wonderful family who fell head over heels for the sweet boy.

They welcomed him into their home with open arms, and he claimed the place as his kingdom.

snuggly cat cuddle

He has been adopted by a wonderful familySarama Animal Rescue

Leonard is living everyday to the fullest with his forever humans who adore him to bits. He continues to follow his people around the house, being their sweetest companion.

sleeping happy cat

Sarama Animal Rescue

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