Cat Left Behind Outside, is Scooped Up by Kind People, Turns Out, They Rescue Her Kittens too

A cat who had been left behind in a neighborhood, was scooped up by kind people. As it turned out, they rescued her kittens too.

tabby cat fluffy tail

Tails the catBest Friends Felines

A cat named Tails was spotted in a neighborhood of Brisbane, Australia, scrounging around for food and shelter. Her previous owners had moved away and left her behind to fend for herself.

Tails was braving the cold and trying to survive the elements of the outdoors until a Good Samaritan stepped in to help. They sprang into action so the tabby wouldn’t spend another day trekking through the neighborhood.

They reached out to their local rescue, Best Friends Felines, in hopes of getting the deserving cat a chance at a better life.

tabby cat fluffy

She was left behind when her previous owners moved awayBest Friends Felines

Tails appeared to have a big belly. After a visit to a veterinary clinic, the vet confirmed that she was pregnant and ready to give birth within the next week or two. Her rescuer was relieved to know that not only was Tails safe, but also her kittens wouldn’t have to be born outside.

The sweet tabby girl kept her purr motor running on high as if she knew that she was in good hands.

tabby cat sweet

They found out that she was pregnantBest Friends Felines

“Tails was transported to the safe haven of one of our Best Friends Felines foster homes. She settled right in and was enjoying the warmth and comfort of being safely indoors,” Best Friends Felines shared.

“She was named after her gorgeous fluffy tail and is the most beautiful, natured cat.”

beautiful tabby cat

Best Friends Felines

Tails was incredibly pleased with her comfortable, spacious room, and all the nestling places at her disposal. She scarfed down the food trying to make up for lost meals, and curled up cozily on a fluffy bed for some much-needed shut-eye.

That night, Tails slept soundly with a full belly knowing that she and her babies were safe.

tabby cat stretching

She is so glad to be an indoor kitty againBest Friends Felines

Over the next few days, Tails bloomed into a happy, affectionate cat. She sought out every sunbeam in the room and bathed in the warmth by the window, feeling utterly relaxed.

“She loves smooching up for pats, and purrs in delight when she is basking in the warm morning sunshine. Her tummy was getting bigger by the day, and she was finding it hard to get into a comfortable position.”

cat mom kittens

Tails gave birth to three healthy babiesBest Friends Felines

Tails spent most of the weekend arranging her blankets, getting the bed just perfect in preparation for the big day. Yesterday, she quietly brought a beautiful, healthy litter of kittens into the world.

“They arrived early Sunday morning. Her foster family checked on her at 3AM and there was no sign of any action. They went off to bed only to wake up at 7AM to three adorable little surprises.”

cat kneading kittens

She is a wonderful cat motherBest Friends Felines

Tails immediately started her mommy duties and stayed by her trio the entire time. “She is such a loving mother who is totally dedicated to the babies’ every need.”

The sweet momma fills her room with her rumbling purrs while her kittens nurse away blissfully on her tummy.

sweet cat mom, nursing kittens

Best Friends Felines

With the help of a caring foster family, the kittens will grow up with full bellies and happy hearts.

From being left out on the streets to now enjoying the luxury of indoor life, Mama Tails couldn’t be happier.

cat nursing kittens

Best Friends Felines

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