Cat Immediately Accepts Tiny Lone Kitten, Starts Raising Her Along with Her Trio and Won’t Leave Her Side

A cat immediately accepted a tiny lone kitten, started raising her along with her trio and wouldn’t leave her side.

cat hugs orphan kitten

Julia the kitten and Camille the cat@tiny.paws.fosters

Last month, Allison Ilcken, a foster volunteer of AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, welcomed a family of four (a cat mom and three kittens) into her care.

The cat, Camille, was just skin and bones and very scared upon arrival, but she never stopped caring for her babies. “Her tail remained stuck between her two hind legs, and she rarely moved. She would just lay still, so her kittens could nurse and because she was almost petrified in fear,” Allison told Love Meow.

As the days passed, Camille realized that she was safe and worked up the courage to leave the nest and explore her new space.

kittens nursing on cat

Camille was rescued along with her three kittens@ilckenzoo

Slowly but surely, the calico warmed up to her foster mom and became very fond of face scritches. With a bountiful supply of food and a quiet room, Camille started to relax, purr and “make biscuits” with her happy paws.

As her confidence rose, her personality emerged. She began to greet Allison every morning when she came into the room and would melt into her hand when she was petted.

sweet calico cat

She started to come out of her shell when she realized she was safe@ilckenzoo

“She is now happy to come find me within a relatively close proximity of the foster room.”

About a week ago, a little tuxedo kitten arrived at the rescue with a sad beginning – she was found with her mom who sadly didn’t survive. The kitten was emaciated, very underweight, and anemic from a flea infestation.

orphaned tuxedo kitten

Julia the kitten@tiny.paws.fosters

Another volunteer of the rescue, Nadija, took her on and started feeding her every 2-3 hours along with supportive care. She carefully removed all the pesky fleas from the kitten while keeping her tiny body warm and comfy.

Knowing that the kitten would have a better chance with a nursing mom, they decided to bring her to Camille and hoped that she would accept the little orphan.

cat mom kitten

Camille accepted the new kitten right away and started raising her as her own@tiny.paws.fosters

“Camille happily took her in, groomed her and even let her nurse for almost 30 minutes. It was so incredibly sweet to watch her figure out how to nurse again and then hear her purr,” Nadija shared.

“Once she was done she snuggled up in her cozy bed with her brother Crosby for a nap. Even though she’s so tiny compared to her new siblings, she can hold her own. She now goes by Julia.”

kitten nursing happy

Julia is nursing again, and she is so happy@tiny.paws.fosters

Julia is thriving with a cat mother catering to her needs. She is making good gains each day and her energy level is soaring. Camille adores her new baby as her own and showers her with love.

The little tuxedo joins her littermates at mealtime. She has regained her voracious appetite.

cat mom nursing kittens


Camille has blossomed after a few weeks in foster care. She now spends more time watching her kittens from the sideline while they romp around the playpen.

She enjoys the company of her people and is no longer shy of asking for attention.

calico cat loafing


“She still stays very close to her family, and the second anyone makes a sound she is immediately back with them and caring for them,” Allison added.

cat calico kitten tiny


Julia loves her new family especially Mama Camille who keeps her fed and immaculately clean and watches over her every step of the way.

tuxedo kitten calico cat


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