Cat Hobbles to the Front of a Home and Starts Sleeping There Until Someone Takes Him off the Streets for Good

A cat hobbled to the front of a home and started sleeping there until someone took him off the streets for good.

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A stray cat showed up at the front of a house, hobbling around with an injured leg. He decided to settle down on the doormat, awaiting help.

The homeowner brought him food and water, and the friendly cat accepted it with gratitude. After getting his belly filled to the brim, he took a nap near the front door, catching up on some sleep.

The family continued to provide food and set up a makeshift shelter for the cat. He never left their house and always greeted them at the door.

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He lay on the doormat, awaiting helpcomrescuemontreal

Knowing he needed medical attention, they reached out to an animal rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, for assistance. With the help of a volunteer, the cat was safely transported to Montreal and taken to the vet to be evaluated.

“We named him Hemingway (for his polydactyl paws). He was skinny and dirty. He couldn’t put weight on one of his hind paws,” the rescue shared.

stray cat thumbs

He was very friendly to the family that found himcomrescuemontreal

Hemingway was covered in battle scars. X-rays showed that his leg wasn’t broken, but he had a wound and an abscess most likely caused by a bite from another animal.

“He was immediately treated for infections. He was lucky to have been found in time for treatment.”

stray cat thumbs

Hemingway got the medical attention he desperately neededcomrescuemontreal

At the vet’s office, Hemingway took everything in stride. He purred, meowed and rubbed his face on staff and volunteers as if he knew they were helping them.

“He let us pick him up and carry him, and he asked for attention. He was just happy to be cared for.”

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Hemingway began his healing process in the comfort of a foster home. With proper care, good food and plenty of love, he started walking on all fours and even playing like a kitten again.

“It took no time for him to warm up to us, and he quickly started seeking snuggles. He would roll on his back asking for more pets.”

cat happy Hemingway

He started to heal in a comfortable foster homecomrescuemontreal

“He is curious about what we are doing and speaks with a small duck like quack. He likes to chat and tell us about his adventures. He likes to have attention and cuddles all the time.”

Hemingway is very gentle and affectionate, but he isn’t shy of making his voice heard.

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He insists on being in the same room as his people and will seek them out if not. “Whenever we go to the bathroom or use the shower, he will start crying for us to come out or open the door for him.”

Estimated to be four years old, Hemingway is still a kitten at heart.

sweet cat thumbs hemingway


Hemingway is reveling in his new life as an indoor cat, napping in his basket, lounging on the couch or hanging out on the window sill, basking in the sun.

“He likes to sleep all stretched out. He has huge teddy bear paws.”

cat big paws polydactyl


Hemingway has made a full recovery and is now ready to find a place of his own. “He is such an easygoing cat, endearing and always very present in the house. He just wants to be loved all the time.”

“After having been through the tough outdoors, he is going to live the best life he deserves.”

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