Cat Has Her Heart Set on a Place of Her Own After Ensuring Her Kittens Have Bright Future

A cat has her heart set on a place of her own after ensuring that her kittens have a bright future.

cat mom hugs kitten

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

Lainey the cat lived in a hoarding situation before being rescued by the kind folks of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (in Greensboro, NC). She arrived with her four kittens and was very protective of them.

At around two weeks old, the kittens latched onto their doting mom, who was rarely seen away from her babies. Lainey made sure that her precious four never missed a feeding or a bath.

A foster volunteer of the rescue, Monica, provided a comfy nursery for the family. She would bring food to Lainey, so the cat mom could eat without leaving her littles.

cat mom nursing kittens

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

The kittens began to make good gains. The bigger they got, the more energy they honed. In no time, they were moving their little limbs, trying to venture around the nest.

“They are starting to show a bit of personality and wiggling around as they build up strength to start full-fledged walking,” Monica shared.

cat mom kittens exploring

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

Lainey was trusting with her foster mom and allowed her to weigh and hold the babies. Soon, she began to appreciate the comfort and cleanliness of her space and started taking breaks between feedings.

Once the kittens were on the move, they were eager to break out of their den. “They are popping their head out to see what awaits them.”

kittens exploring

Lynx tried to learn to climbMurphys Law Animal Rescue

Lynx, the most adventurous of all, was the first to crawl out of the cubby. He was the brave leader of the crew, and his siblings, Lenny, Linkin, and Libby soon followed suit.

Monica upgraded them into a spacious playpen, and one by one, the kittens went on little excursions, and some even made it onto their foster mom’s lap.

cute kittens lap time

Lynx and LibbyMurphys Law Animal Rescue

“The kittens are thrilled to be able to test out their legs in the bigger digs. They take a few small steps out then come back to mama Lainey as they venture the newness.”

Lainey watched over them every step of the way. If they started crying, she would come running to mother them.

happy cat nursing kittens

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

As the kittens’ gait became steady, they started to zip around the place, running, jumping, and climbing with their little claws.

When they discovered their kitty prowess, they would pounce around as if they had springs attached to their feet. “They flop, flip, roll, and slide all over their mama.”

cat mom kittens playing

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

Lainey watched her kittens as they figured out how to use the litter box, lap up water from a bowl, learn to eat like a big kitty, and nap in the sun beams for the first time.

“They are finding their own spots to chill and giving mama a chance to be a cat and play.”

tabby grey kittens

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

Libby, the runt of the litter, was a bit behind in her milestones, and has been supplementing to keep up with her development. Despite being the smallest, she can hold her own just fine with her littermates.

“She is now initiating the play with her big brothers.”

sweet kittens hugs

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

Now that the kittens are weaned and more independent, Lainey has been spending lots of me-time in a prime seat at a window, watching little critters and neighbors while basking in the sun.

cuddle puddle kittens

Lenny, Linkin, Lynx, and LibbyMurphys Law Animal Rescue

Lainey is spayed and ready to find a place of her own, where she will be pampered and adored.

“After taking care of four babies and possible other litters in her past, Lainey deserves the absolute best life of luxury and bliss.”

cat mom kittens

Murphys Law Animal Rescue

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