Cat Beams with Joy When He’s off the Streets for Good after Years of Seeking Safety

A cat beamed with joy when he was taken off the streets for good after years of seeking safety.

tabby cat sleeping smile

Bubba the catCommunityCatClub

A stray tabby cat befriended a kind-hearted veterinary technician from Cross Keys Animal Hospital. The streets clearly had been tough on him as he was often attacked by other neighborhood cats.

The vet tech noticed his friendly side and knew he didn’t belong in the outdoors. She started working on a plan to get him off the streets and reached out to her local animal rescue, Community Cat Club, for assistance.

With much effort, she was able to get the cat inside. They named him Bubba and estimated him to be about five years old. He likely had lived most of his life on the streets, and now he was finally safe.

street cat rescue

Bubba was rescued from life on the streetsCommunityCatClub

The tabby cat gushed with gratitude, purrs and snuggles to those who helped and cared for him. He was very friendly and eager to win everyone over. A few head and ear scritches made him the happiest boy on earth.

“Bubba is seriously the sweetest boy. Despite his rough life outside, he is the biggest love-bug,” Community Cat Club shared.

friendly sweet cat

He was very friendly and hungry for affectionCommunityCatClub

With all the rough and tumble of the streets, Bubba arrived with battle scars and was FIV+, but he was bursting with affection and would walk up to volunteers vying for their attention.

He would close his eyes and rumble with loud purrs when he was being petted, taking it all in.

sweet tabby cat bubba

He has an adorable personality and just wants to be lovedCommunityCatClub

No one came to claim him while he was being held at the rescue. Once he was placed in a foster home, his personality truly shone.

Bubba was over the moon to have a safe and comfortable place and no longer had to fight over food and territory. Most of all, he was enamored of his foster parents and would plop down on the floor, gesturing for belly rubs.

tabby cat belly rubs

Bubba can’t get enough of belly rubs and chin scratchesCommunityCatClub

He’d purr up a storm and roll on his back whenever he was loved on by his humans. Eventually, he’d fall asleep with his paws in the air and a smile on his face.

“Bubba loves chin scratches and belly rubs. He has a super loud purr. When not following you around the house you can find him bird watching out the window,” Community Cat Club added.

tabby cat bubba

He has turned into a giant love bugCommunityCatClub

Bubba adored people and was also very sweet with other cats despite his past. His foster family watched him thrive from being a street cat starved of love to becoming a giant love-bug filled with joy.

In perfect Bubba’s fashion, he never stopped trying to win people over.

happy sleeping cat bubba

He smiles when he napsCommunityCatClub

His smile radiated when he had his belly rubbed, and he always wanted to be close to his people. Every day he crept his way deeper into the hearts of his foster parents.

They’d known from the beginning that Bubba was where he belonged. After about a month in foster care, it was time to make it official.

happy smiling sleeping cat

Even when he is asleep, he is ready for belly rubsCommunityCatClub

“His foster parents decided that they just can’t let him go. Bubba is clearly loving the indoor cozy life. We are so happy for this handsome chunky man and his new family.”

tabby cat bubba


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