Building Manager Finds Kittens with a Cat ‘Mother’ Who Turns Out to Be a Mister Instead

A building manager found a litter of kittens with a cat “mother” who turned out to be a mister instead.

stray cat kittens

Mr. MomCommunityCatClub

Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club (in South Jersey), received a plea for help about “a mom with kittens” needing placement. There were five kittens, around four weeks old, accompanied by a gray cat.

“A property manager found a litter of kittens in a building. We agreed to take them in. We were told that they were coming with their mom,” Sara shared with Love Meow.

When they arrived at the rescue, Sara and her team were able to evaluate them closely. “We quickly realized their ‘mom’ was in fact an unaltered male cat.”

male cat kittens

Mr. Mom was found with a litter of kittens in a buildingCommunityCatClub

He had somehow found his way to the kittens, and there was no sight of the actual mom. He was a bit nervous at first but overall relieved to have been rescued.

After getting some food in his belly, his friendly side quickly emerged. One of the kittens arrived cold and was immediately given supportive care by a volunteer.

kitten purrito


They named the cat Mr. Mom, and he was kind to the younglings. “He was very good with them as they cuddled up to him. He did well with the kittens but is clearly happy to not have to babysit anymore,” Sara shared.

The rescue tried to look for the mom, but they weren’t able to locate her, and she never returned to the building. It’s a mystery how the kittens ended up with Mr. Mom.

kittens stray


“The owner of the building has never seen any other cats. Mr. Mom and the babies were found all together, and they have no idea how they got in and where the real mom is.”

The kittens have since been taken into foster care as they still have a lot of growing and socializing to do. Mr. Mom can relax now that his kitten-sitting duty is complete. “He’s much more content now.”

cat snuggling kittens

Mr. Mom was kind to the kittens and let them snuggle up to himCommunityCatClub

Mr. Mom has warmed up to people after a few days at the rescue and is set to embark on his next journey.

He has discovered his penchant for face and back rubs. He is a happy little man when he hangs out with volunteers, reveling in all the attention and savoring every snack he’s given. The way to his heart is through a good treat or simply any food.

sweet stray cat

Mr. Mom is happy to be done with the kitten-sitting dutyCommunityCatClub

“The kittens are still in foster care for a few more weeks until they’re ready for adoption, but Mr. Mom is ready for a home of his own,” Sara shared. “He is a laid-back guy that just wants to relax on the couch with a snack.”

Mr. Mom spends most of his day napping away in his cat bed, dreaming about his forever family.

stray cat mr mom

He is looking for a place of his ownCommunityCatClub

Perhaps, he was weary of the streets and looking for a way to be taken in, and joined the kittens on that fateful day.

We may never know what exactly happened, but one thing Sara and her team are certain is that Mr. Mom will never have to wander the outdoors again and that he will have a forever home with endless love.

sweet stray cat bed


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