After a Year Outdoors, Time at Shelter and Raising 6 Kittens, Cat is Ready to Find Home She’s Always Wanted

After a year outside, time at the shelter and raising six kittens, Sage the cat is ready to find the home she’s always wanted.

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A gray tabby was found wandering the streets and brought into a city animal shelter for help. She was heavily pregnant and said to have been roaming the area for a year.

Desperately needing a foster home, staff reached out to the rescue community since the shelter environment wasn’t suitable for raising kittens. Salty Animal Rescue responded to their plea and took the expectant mom into their care.

“At roughly five years old, who knows how many litters she’s had. Luckily, this was her very last one,” Karly, cofounder of the rescue, shared.

tabby cat pregnant

She spent a year on the streets and some time at the shelter@saltyanimalrescue

After a bit of exploring around her new space, Sage walked up to her people for attention and pets. She was pleased with the new arrangements and over the moon to have company.

With a quiet, comfortable room and plenty of food at her disposal, Sage immediately felt safe and even plopped down on the floor, revealing her round belly.

cat mom nursing kittens

Sage gave birth to a healthy litter of six@saltyanimalrescue

A few days later, she welcomed six kittens into the world. They came with voracious appetites and lots of strength for newborns. Sage was a wonderful mom from the get-go, tirelessly cleaning and nursing her demanding six, catering to their every whim.

The kittens (four boys and two girls) made great gains each day while Sage busied herself with round-the-clock mommy duties.

cat mom kittens

She was a wonderful mother@saltyanimalrescue

“She is the best mom. She’s one step closer to getting to live the best life in her future forever home.”

Sage watched her kittens double and then triple their weight, hitting one milestone after another. “These are some of the plumpest kittens we’ve ever had.”

sleeping tabby kittens


As soon as their eyes opened, they started to move around and play, keeping their mom on her toes.

When they figured out how to run and jump, they zoomed around the room, chasing each other as if they owned the place.

playful kittens


Once the six were weaned and became more independent, Sage decided it was time to hang up mommy duties and started spending majority of her time with her people.

cat mother nursing kittens


She relishes being the center of attention, the solo cat in the house. “Sage made it pretty clear that she wants to be the only animal in the home.”

She likes to have her belly rubbed on demand and will happily roll on her back to show it.

happy cat belly rubs

Sage likes to be the center of attention@saltyanimalrescue

At five years old, Sage is still a kitten at heart. She plays with so much vigor and adores every person she meets. She enjoys lounging on the couch next to her people, purring herself to sleep.

sleeping smiley cat


“She did a great job raising her very last litter, and all her little ones found the best forever people. Now, it’s mama’s turn,” Karly shared.

kitten chomp paw


“Sage is looking for a home where she can be spoiled and loved on. A family who will treat her like the princess she is, and give her everything a kitty could ask for.”

We may never know exactly how she ended up on the streets, but “Sage will have a better life than she could ever dream of”.

sweet cat sage


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