Shy Cat Comes to a Rescue with Kittens in Tow, Wanting to Start a New Life

A shy cat came to a rescue with kittens in tow, wanting to start a new life.

cat mom nursing kittens

Phyllis the cat@bestfriendsfelines

Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, received a call from one of their supportive vets about a feline family needing help.

“A cat and her kittens had found their way into their care. The surprise came when we were told that this petite girl was the mother of seven little babies just over a week old,” the rescue shared.

Jen, a foster volunteer, stepped up to help and welcomed the family of eight into her loving abode.

cat mom kittens


It soon became clear that the cat named Phyllis wasn’t fond of people as she looked at them with wary eyes. It would be a slow process to get her to relax and trust, but Jen was up for the challenge.

Phyllis and her kittens were ensconced in a quiet, cozy space. It provided privacy but still allowed the foster family to check up on them.

shy cat kittens

She was very shy when she arrived in foster care@bestfriendsfelines

“There is no doubt about her mothering abilities. Keeping seven hungry little cherubs fed and clean is a full-time job. She leaves her bed long enough to eat and toilet, then it’s straight back to her nest.”

A week later, they had a huge breakthrough when they discovered her favorite treat. Jen started hand-feeding Phyllis to slowly build a relationship.

tiny cat phyllis


“Being around has made her more social towards us. There are still some hissy moments. It’s the purring and the occasional smooches that are the best feeling,” Jen shared.

Phyllis was pleased to have food served to her four times a day instead of worrying about where her next meal would come from. She scarfed down every morsel so she could keep up with her demanding seven.

cat mom nursing kittens phyllis


“She doesn’t get much of a break, as with this many babies usually at least one is awake.”

Seeing how much Jen supported her, Phyllis became increasingly more relaxed around people. She even started to spend some time away from her babies, as they grew more active and adventurous.

kittens weaning mealtime


By the time the kittens were weaned, they had sprung into playful, independent balls of energy, using litter trays like champs.

Phyllis would watch them from the sideline while the kittens tore around their play pen, climbing anything they could lay their paws on. With more spare time, Phyllis started to play too, and revel in watching the “bird TV”.

sweet cat mom phyllis


“She has discovered the joy of playing – she loves toys, climbing posts, treats, and generally racing around the house for fun. A variety of toys really makes her happy as she pounces, bats, and tackles them in the most beautiful way,” Jen shared.

With her newfound confidence, Phyllis was back to playing like a kitten again. She would retire from motherhood and could enjoy being the cat she’d always wanted to be.


When the kittens were big enough for adoption, one by one, they went to good homes. Phyllis patiently waited for the perfect family while she continued to uncover interesting things about home life.

She became fascinated by all the commotion in the kitchen, and would join her people, providing her own “critiques”, all the while hoping to sneak a snack.

sweet cat big eyes


“She is also a talker, and has the sweetest meows as she is wandering around the house,” Jen added.

“Phyllis came into care with her seven little peanuts in tow. She slowly became more accustomed to home life, waiting for a special someone to find her.”

sweet cat phyllis


Along came Amelia who fell head over heels for Phyllis. She saw that behind that shy exterior, there was a sweet cat pining for love. Amelia opened her home and her heart to Phyllis and made her a permanent part of her family.

“I know that she has it in her to blossom into a super loving cat.”

sleeping cat tabby grey


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