Kitten was Lying Next to a Wall, Hoping Someone Would Notice Him, Days Later His Life Completely Changed

A kitten was lying next to a wall, hoping someone would notice him. Days later, his life completely changed.

kitten street purrito


Early last month, Good Samaritans spotted a kitten lying in a corner against a wall, all alone. He was exhausted and barely moving. They reached out to a local animal rescue, Puppy Kitty NY City, for assistance.

The rescue immediately agreed to take the kitten and instructed the finders to rush him to an emergency hospital. The tabby was very frail and covered in filth.

“He couldn’t walk, so he couldn’t find food,” Meagan Licari of the rescue shared with Love Meow.

street kitten stray

Fluffy was found outside in poor shapepuppykittynycity

No one knows how the kitten ended up in that state, but he hung in there with all his might.

The kitten named Fluffy made it to the vet and was immediately given warmth and supportive care. He had a fractured femur among other health issues. Slowly, they brought him back from the brink.

kitten tabby purrito

He was rescued just in timepuppykittynycity

Fluffy would need surgery by a specialist to repair his leg. With a warm bed, food in his belly and fluids to keep him hydrated, he began to perk up.

Over the next couple of days, Fluffy put on some much-needed weight and regained strength to move around a bit.

kitten snuggling plush

They gave him plushies to snuggle with so he wouldn’t feel lonelypuppykittynycity

He was given plushy toys to keep him company while he was at the hospital, so he wouldn’t feel lonely. The sweet kitten took everything in stride and was happy to have someone to care for him.

A little over a week after surgery, Fluffy bounced back on all fours, playing with toys and exhibiting boisterous vigor.

tabby kitten fluffy


He surprised everyone with his resilience as he moved around the tower of tracks, hitting each spinning ball with precision.

When Fluffy moved into his foster home to continue his recovery, his personality truly shone.

tabby kitten fluffy

He underwent surgery to fix his leg, and started playing a week laterpuppykittynycity

“He was a little shy when he first arrived, but within just a short time he was reaching his little paws out of his carrier to touch my hand, and soon inched his way out of his carrier ready to explore his new surroundings,” the foster family shared.

Now, Fluffy is a little attention-seeker, getting head and neck scritches on demand. “He immediately starts purring anytime he is touched.”

kitten in carrier


Fluffy is equal parts playful and snuggly. He is a busy body, constantly on the lookout for mischief, but when he tires out from all the romping around, he’ll seek out a warm lap to curl up in and purr himself to sleep.

“He rarely stays relaxed and will flip on his back for a rambunctious belly rub.”

happy tabby kitten fluffy


“Fluffy has fallen asleep in the crook of my neck and on my lap many times, but he is more often a ball of energy and would much rather play.”

He likes to cavort around the house, chasing after toys. Nothing seems to be able to slow him down.

playful tabby kitten

Fluffy loves to play and doesn’t let anything slow him downpuppykittynycity

“He is super curious about my resident senior cat and would be the happiest with a friend to play with. He had a tough beginning, but that injury hasn’t slowed him down at all.”

kitten stretching fluffy


Fluffy is loving every bit of his new life in comfort and safety. He continues to live each day to the fullest and bring joy to everyone around him.

tabby kitten big eyes

Fluffy has turned into quite the lap catpuppykittynycity

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