Kitten Waited 2 Years for the Most Perfect Family to Find Him, Turns Out It’s Only 15 Minutes Away

A rescue kitten waited two years for the most perfect family to find him. It turned out to be just 15 minutes away.

kitten snuggly

With Grace

When Danielle Chavez, founder of With Grace (a kitten rescue specializing in neonatal and special needs), learned about a paralyzed kitten needing long term foster care, she immediately offered to take him.

The kitten named Gavin (or Gavi) was found with severe infections in his hind quarters. He was only a few weeks old. At the time, no one was certain if he would make it, but he did and started to thrive.

Through painstaking care and plenty of TLC, Gavi made a full recovery and his larger-than-life personality emerged.

paralyzed kitten rescue

Jennifer Csenge

“I knew he had such a fight in him. Once he was healed from those ailments, there would be no stopping him,” Danielle shared with Love Meow.

Gavi can’t use his hind legs, but that doesn’t stop him from racing across the room, climbing anything he can lay his paws on.

kitten special needs gavi

Jennifer Csenge

Gavi figured out how to hop over the playpen and zipped around the house faster than the resident 4-legged cats. He would tackle any cat tree within his vicinity and could make his way up the couch with ease. He never ceased to put his foster parents in awe.

Almost anything a “normal” cat can do, so can Gavi. All he needs is a bit of assistance when he goes potty a few times a day. “He just has such a zest for life, and it is a joy to watch him love his life.”

sweet panther kitty paws

With Grace

As time went by, Gavi blossomed into a beautiful house panther with a shiny coat and big doe eyes.

He enjoyed watching out the window with a feline buddy and snuggling next to his foster parents for head scritches. He adored company and never wanted to miss out on any action.

cats friends window

With Grace

Danielle and her husband (Foster Dad) celebrated Gavi’s first birthday and then the second, while they patiently waited for his forever family to come find him.

They hoped that “one day, someone will see this beauty and fall head over heels and not be intimidated by his easy (potty) routine.”

cute panther kitty cat

With Grace

About three months after his second birthday, Danielle received an adoption application that blew her mind. “There is a reason why Gavin was with us for so long, the universe was just waiting for his perfect family to find us.”

Chloe and James came across a post about Gavi and knew in their hearts that he would make the perfect addition to their family.

cat gavi bed cute

With Grace

“They saw past his ‘disability’ and saw our little guy for the precious, perfect boy he is,” Danielle shared.

“Chloe is just about the sweetest woman you’d ever meet. James is such a nice guy. He was in an accident and suffered a spinal cord injury, so he felt an instant draw to Gavi.”

cat gavin forever home

With Grace

They immediately connected when they met. Gavi was over the moon as he curled up in Chloe’s arms and put a big smile on her face.

As it turns out, the couple lives just 15 minutes away from Danielle’s home, and James and Foster Dad work in the same industry. “This whole adoption is serendipitous.”

cute cat cuddle

Chloe Jaramillo

Gavi is settling beautifully in his new home and already getting very snuggly with his people. When he is ready, he will be introduced to his feline sisters, Stevie and Fiona.

“From the moment we received the application, I just knew it was right. Everything felt so perfect and meant to be.”

cute cat gavin

Chloe Jaramillo

“Tears of joy and appreciation that Gavin found his way to us, so Chloe and James could find their little boy.

“We’re so fortunate that we don’t have to say goodbye. He will be a part of our lives forever, and he has our entire hearts with him, 15 minutes away in his new home.”

cute cat gavi

With Grace

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