Kitten Spotted on the Side of the Road Now Has a Cat Buddy to Lean on All the Time Thanks to Many Volunteers

A kitten who was spotted on the side of the road, now has a cat buddy to lean on all the time thanks to many volunteers.

fluffy cute kitten

Trooper the kittenCeline @comrescuemontreal

A woman was driving when she spotted a ball of fur lying on the side of the road. As she came closer, she noticed it was a cream kitten, and he wasn’t moving.

She safely pulled over and crossed the road to check on the situation. When she saw the kitten breathing, she was relieved, scooped him up and rushed to get him aid.

A cat (likely the kitten’s mom) was found a few yards away but sadly didn’t make it from what seemed to be a car accident. The kitten ended up on the side of the road and survived.

roadside kitten rescue

He was found on the side of the roadCeline @comrescuemontreal

The finder brought the kitten to the city animal shelter, but they weren’t able to care for him, so she reached out to the rescue community for help.

Members of the community learned about the plight of the kitten and galvanized their efforts to save him.

kitten sleeping carrier trooper

Celine @comrescuemontreal

“In the hours that followed, a beautiful group of volunteers got together and organized to bring the kitten to Montreal to us,” Celine of ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal shared.

A volunteer transported the kitten to the rescue right away, so he could receive the medical attention he desperately needed. “Meanwhile, others went back to the location to make sure that there were no more kittens on the road.”

fluffy kitten scale

Trooper was very small at just 348 gramsCeline @comrescuemontreal

The cream kitten was so frail that he tucked himself in a blanket inside the carrier and slept his way through the ride. He was covered in dirt and completely exhausted.

“We could feel every bone in his body, and he had some wounds on his head.

cute kitten holding hands

Celine @comrescuemontreal

“The kitten was estimated to be about five weeks old, weighing just 348 grams (12 ounces, the size of a 3-week-old kitten).” Despite everything he had gone through, he wanted to eat and live, hanging in there with all his might.

“We named him ‘Trooper’. He wouldn’t have survived long outside in this condition. He was lucky to have been found just in time.”

fluffy ginger kitten

Celine @comrescuemontreal

On the first night in foster care, Trooper was able to rest in a warm bed, with a full belly. His foster mom, Celine, took time off to look after him, so he could be fed every three hours around the clock.

“After a few days of care, he finally started to eat and drink on his own. Trooper is a little fighter.”

fluffy ginger kitten, cat food bowl

Celine @comrescuemontreal

He had as much food as he could fit into his belly and slept soundly, but Trooper didn’t want to be alone. “He woke up in the middle of the night meowing for his mom.”

Trooper had a much-needed bath to wash off all the dirt and grime from his coat.

kitten fluffy bath

Celine @comrescuemontreal

Celine spends ample time with the kitten to make sure that he gets all the love he needs to feel safe. Her resident cat, Marsha, has also come to lend a helping paw.

The nurturing senior cat adores kittens, especially those in need. When she met Trooper, she seemed to know just what he needed.

kitten food time fluffy

Celine @comrescuemontreal

Marsha groomed him and doted on him. In no time, they were seen napping together. Trooper is so happy to have a feline buddy to lean on, and Marsha couldn’t have been a better friend, showering him with cuddles and reassuring him that he’s loved.

He clings to Marsha or tucks himself under her belly fluff, feeling comfy and snug.

kitten snuggles cat

Trooper loves snuggling with MarshaCeline @comrescuemontreal

Trooper has put on some weight and gained plenty of strength. He’s starting to play and explore around his new space.

It took a village to save a life. With the help of many volunteers, Trooper is eating like a champ and loving his new life in comfort and safety.

cute kitten cat snuggles

Celine @comrescuemontreal

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