Kind Person Comes to the Rescue of Kitten Bolting in and out of Bushes, and Ends Up Saving His Life

A kind person came to the rescue of a kitten who was bolting in and out of bushes, and ended up saving his life.

stray kitten snuggling arms

Cole the kittenSarah @sparklecatrescue

About two weeks ago, Sarah Isom received a call from a colleague at Winston Salem State University about a stray kitten that appeared to be in distress.

He was seen lying on a tiled pathway into a campus building, meowing at the top of his lungs. When Sarah arrived at the whereabouts, the kitten was no longer there.

She went around the building searching every nook and cranny, including the HVAC area, but there was no sign of the kitten. She returned to her car, feeling defeated.

stray kitten

He was found lying on a tiled pathway as a straySarah @sparklecatrescue

Knowing that the kitten was still out there, Sarah gathered herself and decided to keep trying. While she was retracing the perimeter of the property, she noticed something in the bushes on the side of the building. “I saw a tiny gray kitten curled up in a ball in a sun spot,” Sarah shared with Love Meow.

“He saw me and immediately meowed as loudly as I think I’ve ever heard a kitten. He then bolted, hiding about 10 feet away from me, around the corner of the building.”

tiny kitten rescued

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

Just when Sarah approached the kitten, he made another run as if he was playing hide-and-seek with his rescuer. “This process repeated until the kitten managed to hide behind an HVAC unit and then ran into the front bushes.”

The kitten’s loud meow never ceased, giving Sarah an idea of her proximity to the kitten. As she got on her hands and knees to crawl through the bushes, the kitten made his final dash into the wheel well of a parked car. “I was able to quickly snatch him and hold him close.”

kitten sleeping in arms

Cole quickly came out of his shell when he realized he was safeSarah @sparklecatrescue

The kitten was finally safe, but no one came to claim him. Sarah reached out to Sparkle Cat Rescue for help and offered to foster him.

He was lovingly named Cole and estimated to be five weeks old. Cole barely weighed a pound and was covered in fleas and dirt. After getting all cleaned up and treated, he felt so much better.

cute kitten cole stretching

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

Cole was so hungry that he devoured his food as if there were no tomorrow. “After diving head first into some warm wet food, he started purring, and I think he finally felt safe.”

Sarah later discovered that the kitten had consumed foliage in order to survive in the outdoors. “If he’d been out in the elements any longer, he would have starved.”

sleeping gray kitten cole

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

With good food and plenty of TLC, Cole came out of his shell and started to seek affection. He’d snuggle with his foster mom, knead away with his happy paws and purr himself to sleep.

“His personality has really come out in recent days. He is snuggly and falls asleep in the funniest positions,” Sarah added.

kitten snuggly blanket

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

Cole’s voice hasn’t waned as it’s loud and commanding as can be. He isn’t shy of voicing his “opinions” and makes himself heard every time.

“He is curious and playful, and has enjoyed getting to interact with our resident cats. He is also learning how close he wants to be to our resident pup, too.”

cute gray kitten cat snuggles

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

Cole who gave Sarah a run for her money during the rescue, is now thriving in foster care, getting bigger and more playful each day.

When he needs recharging from all the romping around the house, he’ll curl up with Sarah and snuggle away in bliss. Cole plays hard but he naps even harder.

playful sleeping kitten cole

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

Sarah never stopped looking for the little stray so his life could be saved.

Now, Cole enjoys being carried around, checking out the world around him in safety and comfort.

tiny gray kitten cole

Sarah @sparklecatrescue

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