Cat Who was Rescued from a Pound at 12, Wraps Her Arms Around Her Person and Shows Her Endless ‘Thanks’

A cat who was rescued from a pound at 12 years old, wrapped her arms around her person and showed her endless “thanks”.

cuddly sweet cat

Freya the catMichelle Cummins

A gorgeous 12-year-old cat somehow ended up on the streets and was later brought into a pound, but no one came to claim her. Best Friends Felines (in Brisbane, AU) was apprised of the cat needing placement and sprang into action.

Michelle Cummins, the owner of Henry Hottie Pet Beds (soon to be STAN Pet Beds), learned about the cat’s plight and offered to foster her through the support of Best Friends Felines.

“She looked disheveled and out of place. Something told me I had to help her,” Michelle shared.

fluffy cat

Freya was rescued from a pound after being found on the streetMichelle Cummins

Within an hour of arriving in foster care, the cat named Freya slid next to Michelle on the couch and started cuddling and purring up a storm.

“Considering she was found on the streets and in a cold scary pound for several weeks, her friendliness was heartwarming,” Michelle told Love Meow.

fluffy snuggly cat freya

She started cuddling her foster mom shortly after arrivingMichelle Cummins

Freya settled beautifully into her new abode and felt as if she’d always been part of the family. She smothered her foster mom with snuggles and imbued the space with the sweetest rumbling purrs.

In a short period of time, Freya brought immeasurable joy into the household and crept her way into everyone’s heart.

snuggly happy cat freya

She quickly wriggled her way into Michelle’s heartMichelle Cummins

Just months before Michelle met Freya, she lost her beloved dog, Stan, and was left heartbroken. Freya sauntered into her life, wrapped her arms around Michelle and looked lovingly into her eyes.

“She waltzes in with her little heart mending kit.”

fluffy cat holding hands

Michelle Cummins

“My shattered heart is feeling love again and Alice (the resident dog) has a partner in crime once more. Freya is sassy, sweet, funny, confident and so loving.”

Freya has turned 13 since then, but she is still a kitten at heart with bursts of zoomies throughout the day. She likes to scamper around the place with her little legs as if she were a fast floating cloud.

fluffy cat freya

Michelle Cummins

She’ll roll around on her back, showcasing her incredibly fluffy belly or basking in the warm rays of the sun. She likes to follow Michelle into her office and claim her chair as her throne.

Freya adores everyone, perhaps, with the exception of the chickens in the yard. Most of all, she is enamored of Michelle and will plop down next to her, hold tight onto her arm and won’t let go.

happy snuggly hug cat

Freya likes to wrap her arms around her human for intense hugsMichelle Cummins

“Freya well and truly earned her title of velcro cat.”

When Michelle was feeling poorly with the flu last week, Freya provided undivided attention, keeping her human company and nursing her with healing purrs and gentle hugs.

cat holding paws freya

Michelle Cummins

“I was only meant to foster but knew I could never let her go once we met,” Michelle shared.

“The moment she arrived at the pick-up location, I knew it was forever. I had no idea if she and my dog would get on, but it was instant with them, too.”

fluffy cat freya

Michelle Cummins

Freya came to her foster home on that fateful day and knew she was where she belonged.

“She has brought so much love to our lives. She is 13 but acts like a little kitten. I absolutely adore her.”

beautiful cat freya

Michelle Cummins

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