Tinу Вlind Kittеn Rulеs Ovеr Нer Hоuse

When foster mom Nicole first brought Ethel home she knew that this special needs kitten would need lots of attention and love.

Ethel was born blind and has hydrocephalus, which is basically a build up of fluid in the brain, her head is a little bit bigger than your average kitten and this makes her tilt her head back a bit.

When she first arrived at Nicole’s she barely weighed a pound and fitted into the palm of Nicole’s hand.

She wasn’t eating well and was Pretty dehydrated, so Nicole fed her supplements and lots of fluids, it was very worrying not knowing if she would pull through.

But then she got stronger and made it to 1 pound in weight, that was when her character started to shine through and she became the princess of her house.

Although blind, it didn’t take long for Ethel to learn her way around the house, she loves to climb and became a brave little explorer, keeping her foster mom on her toes.

She loves to be the center of attention and Nicole refers to her as her little diva and then one day she finally let her mom know how happy she was.

Nicole was watching TV with Ethel curled up on her shoulder when she started purring for the first time, and Nicole’s heart melted once again.

Like all kittens she loves to play, especially with her scrunchy balls and Nicole’s hair!

Ethel sure has come a long way since she first arrived at Nicole’s, her appetite and energy levels are increasing every day.

It’s impossible not to love this very special kitty.

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