This Retirеd Guу Has Resсued Almоst 900 Cаts

Normer Adams is driven by a deep desire to help those in need. He used to work as a social worker, mostly with children, but he now focuses on animal rescue.

In his retirement, the long-time cat lover and owner spends his time climbing trees and rescuing cats, two of his favorite activities.

Soon after his retirement, Adams resumed tree climbing and is now considered an expert in the field of rescue missions.

He quickly realized that aiding animals and families in need was a wonderful way to put his newfound abilities and talents to good use. Cats enjoy climbing trees, and the higher the better, but they are not adept at down.

Thus, it was only natural for Adams to establish a cat rescue organization known as Cat Man Do Rescue.

He comes at each rescue location with all of the necessary climbing and cat rescue gear. He talks with the cat as he climbs the tree, assuring her/him that everything will be OK. Despite the fact that some rescues have been more challenging than others, Adams has been able to reunite or save over 900 animals and their family.

One kitten named Crummy, on the other hand, opted to “leap from limb to limb like a monkey,” which took two days instead of the normal two hours or less. Adams was eventually successful in reuniting the cat with her family, who had been waiting for her on the ground.

Nothing will go in the way of him saving a stray cat. He has worked up in extremely tall trees and spent days attempting to trap cats which are afraid of being caught in harsh weather conditions.

And he does all of this for no cost.

In the state of Georgia, the hero does free in-tree rescues for cats, and he will even climb a tree for drones and model aircraft in need of aid.

He’s created relationships with local shelters over the years to help cats that are feral or don’t have a microchip in their collar.

According to his website, Adams has saved over 900 cats so far, and he sometimes conducts multiple rescues in a single day. He loves nothing more than reuniting people with their cats, and he strongly advises everyone to have their pets microchipped.

One of his most recent rescues, for example, was a single-eyed cat who was reunited with its owners thanks to a microchip and a caring neighbor.

According to Adams, he has received calls from concerned property owners, neighbors, and construction employees, many of whom have offered to assist with the rescue attempt. “One of the things I enjoy about cat rescue groups is witnessing how the community gets together to take care of the cats,” he said.

It is just the desire of the kind and generous guy to assist as many cats as possible, and he has saved pregnant felines, wild cats, kittens, and indoor cats.

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