Sаd Kittеn With Sрecial Pаws Wаlks Up To Wоman And Аsks Fоr Hеlp

This is Scooter, he’s a stray kitten that was born in Elkhart, Indiana.

Sadly, his front paws are badly deformed and this makes it difficult for him to walk and get around.

However, this didn’t deter him to look for the right human that would be happy to accept him and he wandered around by himself looking for a forever home.

One day, he wandered into a woman’s yard and as soon as she saw him she decided to bring him into the house to try and care for him.

The lady soon realised that he needed more help than she could give him, so she contacted the rescue team at Here Kitty Kitty Rescue to give him a chance of a better life.

They were amazed that he had managed to survive for five weeks all alone, but this showed that he had an amazing will to survive.

Even though Scooter’s front paws were deformed and he was suffering from a severe eye infection, he purred and purred whenever someone cuddled him.

He loved all the new toys that were at his disposal and discovered that he actually adored human company.

It was time for a visit to the vet where he had blood work done, x-rays taken and he even played with the staff as the vet assessed his situation.

As well as his eye infection, they discovered that he was suffering from a respiratory infection as well – but these things can be treated with the right medication.

They surmised that Scooter was born with shortened or tightened muscles/ligaments on both his front feet and this was causing his feet to turn inwards.

The best course of action was to start physical therapy on both his legs which involved stretching and manipulating his feet to get them used to staying in the proper position.

At seven weeks old he weighed in just one pound, this was tiny for his age but he was doing well and loved being with his foster family.

He loved to snuggle up with his foster siblings, they were always there to keep him company and he never felt alone.

Once he was feeling much better he was ready for adoption and along came a couple that already had two cats, they decided that Scooter would be a perfect fit into their family.

This adorable kitten that had such a difficult start in life was now exactly where he wanted to be, happy and loved.

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