Pregnаnt Cаt Headеd To Poliсe Statiоn To Delivеr Kittеns And Beсame Pаrt Of The Fоrce

Life on the streets has never been easy, especially for a mother. She can hardly look after herself, let alone her baby. The calico kitty in this story, however, is one of the luckiest stray animals in this world, because she has been adopted by amazing people who take good care of her and all of her kittens.

The mama cat met the officers at Busan Police Station, Pusan, South Korea just a few months ago, when she was mourning her late kitten. Feeling bad for her loss, the kind officers had helped the poor cat lay her baby to rest while she observed from a distance. And of course, she couldn’t forget their sympathy at that moment. So when the cat got pregnant again shortly afterward, she came straight to their headquarter and found exactly what she needed there: their help.

This time, with the help of the compassionate officers, the strong mommy successfully gave birth to four healthy and beautiful kittens. The policemen have kindly adopted them all. They name the mama cat Mollang – which means “don’t know” in Korean, because no one knows exactly where she came from. It doesn’t matter though. All that matters is now she and her kittens have been a part of their station, part of their life.

The cat family has lived a fabulous life since then. They have a place to shelter from the elements, enough food and drink to fill their stomach, and above all, incredible “butlers” to take care of them, making them feel loved and cherished.

Mollang even becomes a star of the police station as she works hard every day just like other officers there. The sweet feline and her kids also have their own uniforms to dress up, and she often sends rats to the policemen to express her gratitude for giving her the job.

Let’s check out Mollang’s busy routine in the video below:

This world is much better when we have wonderful people like these Korean officers around! If you admire their work, please share this story with everyone you love!

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