Meеt Bаrt, Thе Onе-eуed ‘Zоmbie Cаt’ Thаt Dug Нimself Out Of Нis Grаve!

Thankfully he wasn’t buried at a pet semetary or things surely would’ve gone south.

Though there’s no scientific evidence that suggests cats have nine lives, Bart the “Zombie Cat” may have just justified the common myth.

The feline, whose real name is Bart, made headlines back in January 2015 when he seemingly sprang back from the dead by digging himself out of the grave his previous owners buried him in. Apparently, the feline was thought to be deceased following a car accident. But guess what? he WASN’T.

Following Bart’s reappearance, a contentious custody battle raged between the cat’s owner and the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for over a year. The organization, which treated Bart’s extensive injuries after he emerged from the dirt five days after being buried, eventually settled with Bart’s previous owners outside of court. Bart was then adopted by the shelter employee who had been fostering him during his time at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

According to Today, Bart’s adopter Valerie — who asked for her last name to be kept private — has always been a “sweetheart” even through his heartbreaking predicament and has made the best of his given situation.

She said even in the worst of times when he had just arrived, Bart would head-butt people just to try and get some pets. Emphasizing that he’s always been a “big old love” who likes being around people and playing.

Valerie also told Today that she was worried her other three cats — Max, Cecelia, and Jack would not adjust well to another feline in the house when she first brought Bart home with her. But, surprisingly her three cats warmed up to Bart right away, with Max even sticking his head into Bart’s carrier and grooming him before he could even step out.

Bart who was also dubbed as “The Miracle Cat” by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay enjoys playing with toys, as well as Boar’s Head chicken. “He’s doing amazing,” Valerie said. “He has definitely put on more weight than he probably should have, but he’s very, very hard to deny, as you can imagine, after everything he went through.”

Valerie adds that her feline friend has the best personality and is always the first one to go to the door and greet whoever comes through the door. “He’s just always happy-go-lucky Bart. He’s just the coolest cat — he really and truly is. He’s a happy boy.” Valerie told Today.

Valerie is hopeful that by sharing Bart’s story with the public, more people will be interested in supporting their local shelters and all the animals they help.

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