Mаn Resсues Fivе Kittеns At Pаrking Lоt And Helрs Thеm Find Nеw Fаmilies

To many people, cats are adorable creatures. However, not all of them are being treated well. Some are abandoned and they have to fight for their own survival. At a parking lot in Moscow, someone had abandoned five little kittens but luckily, they were rescued by a kind man.

The man was surfing his social media when he saw a post that called on help for these five cats. Soon, he arrived at the rescue location but found only three of them. The missing kittens had already been hidden behind a glass window by their mother. Because of the thick glass, he wasn’t able to get two kittens out, so he took the first three to the vet. They included two little girls, Sunny and Baysa, and a yellow boy, Keks.

After being checked for diseases, they were fed solid food. That was their first time to eat it, but Keks and Sunny were fast learners while Sunny needed a little more time. She didn’t get used to the food and ate so little that the man had to feed her additionally. After 3 days, the result from the vet showed that they were healthy. The cats were moved to a more comfortable place where they would spend the next 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, the man drove to the rescue spot again to save the remaining two kittens. When he arrived there, a hole on the glass window had been made, so one kitten was rescued and immediately adopted by some nice people. The other one must have been hidden in a different spot, which took the kind man another 2 days to find out and rescue her. He named her Kira. From the first day, Kira was much friendlier than her siblings. But she still needed some help to be able to eat solid food at first.

Finally, Kira could meet her brothers and sisters at a temporary foster home outside of Moscow where they were treated for internal and external parasites.

Their mother was trapped and brought to the vet clinic. She was sterilized and treated for a respiratory infection within 10 days. After getting healthier, she was released.

Three weeks later, kittens were all ready for adoption. The man decided to move them back to his place so he could show them if someone would like to adopt them. They were now in good health condition, and gradually got used to the living place.

Sunny was the leader of the pack, and she was adopted a couple of days later. Then, it was Kira’s turn to find her new home. The man thought it was hard to find the right family for Baysa, but lastly, she was adopted a week later. Meanwhile, It took another 2 weeks for Keks to find his owner. Now, we can be sure that they are all in safe and in good care!

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