Homeless Kitten Sneaks Into Pizza Shop And Demands To Be Adopted

A stray kitten snuck into a pizza shop in Australia and immediately decided to order off the menu; the sweet tabby kitten asked the chef to whip her up a new home and a loving family, and the surprised chef simply had to oblige.

Dave, also known as Grumpy Chef Dave (though judging by this story, that seems to be misleading moniker) was not planning on adopting a cat, but when a surprise customer popped up in his kitchen, he couldn’t resist her.

Chef Dave

The little kitten snuck in through the back gate and into the kitchen, and once she’d set her eyes on Dave, she was determined to make him adopt her.

She begged for attention and Dave found that it was impossible to resist her.

Chef Dave

Dave soon realised that the little kitten was not about to go away, and so he simply accepted her presence.

“I popped her up on my shoulder, and she felt at home right away, ” Dave told Love Meow.

Chef Dave

The kitten seemed very pleased with this arrangement and happily cuddled up against Dave’s neck.

But Dave was concerned that a saddened family was out there somewhere, missing their beloved kitten.

Chef Dave

However, it was soon clear that the little kitten had no one in the world to look after her.

Dave asked around in the neighbourhood if anyone was missing a cat, but nobody seemed to know where the little tabby could have come from.

Chef Dave

And the kitten herself was not interested in being part of any other family than Dave’s.

As he tried to find her a home, the little kitten demonstrated that she already had a home – right there with him.

Chef Dave


While wondering what to do with the furry little stranger, the kitten casually snuggled up in Dave’s lap and fell asleep.

Her soft purr and content little face finally made Dave realise that he was her pet-dad now, and that he would do everything to keep his new furbaby safe and happy.

Chef Dave

Dave took her to the vet and made it official with a round of shots and a microchip.

He named his new family member “Ratbag the Vandal” and the pair soon became inseparable.

Chef Dave

These days, Dave and Ratbag are closer than ever.

The sweet little kitten has grown into a beautiful, active, playful young cat, and she sleeps next to Dave each night.

Their love is deep, pure, and unbreakable, and they’re both so blessed to have found each other.

Chef Dave

It seems like Ratbag knew exactly what she was doing when she walked into the kitchen that beautiful day.

She knew that Dave was meant to become her new family and that the two of them would bring so much joy into each other’s life.

Their story is so beautiful, and news of their friendship has put smiles on faces all around the world.


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