Familу Of Mоm And Fоur Kittеns Cаn’t Survivе Withоut A Yоung Girl’s Promрt Cаll Out To Animаl Resсuers

The Hope For Paws team had received a message from a young girl about four kittens found inside an old couch. The mother cat often went out looking for food. It is said that she often hid below a blue car. Therefore the rescuers found the blue car but there was no cat under it. So they left some tuna on the ground to entice the mother cat. She could smell it and came to enjoy a delicious meal. Since the mother cat was so smart and agile, they decided to use a trap to catch her. She reacted fiercely when locked in the cage. Everything would be all right.

After the mother cat was taken away, the rescue team began to move the kittens out of the rotting couch. Without any information about the age of the kittens, they put fences around to prevent the cats from climbing out of the couch. They started to unpack the front wood panels. From the side gap, they could see a head sticking out. But since it couldn’t show clearly the condition of the cats, the staff decided to reach in and take the cats out.

It was a kitten that has the same color fur as the mother cat. Her abnormally enlarged abdomen showed signs of worms. The second kitten, unfortunately, had an infected eye. The next one also had problems with the skin and his eyes were full of gums. The cat that was finally rescued was also the worst, with the entire left eye with pus and mud. They were told that there were 4 kittens but they checked again to ensure no cat would be left. After that, they quickly took the family of cats to the hospital for health checks and treatments.

The babies were named Todd, Ella, James, and Patty. They were very docile and cooperative when the doctors did their work. Todd was helped to remove the dry mud from his eyes. Fortunately, the doctor confirmed that the boy had two good eyes.

The mother cat – later named Kimberly – was very healthy. Here they had a warm nest, good food, and clean water, alongside the staffs’ loving care. It was a big change for the feline family.

The whole family of cats was barely rescued. We need more people with a nice heart like that young girl who is ready to help or inform functional organizations. It is an act that can help endangered animals like this case.

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